Defendants can be charged with several different kinds of crime in Colorado. Nevertheless, any theft offense in the state is a serious legal matter with long-term negative implications for anyone who is convicted. If you are facing any kind of theft charge in the greater Denver area, it’s vital that you speak right away to a reputable and experienced Denver theft attorney. Daniel M. Murphy represents clients who are charged with thefts that include theft of rental property, identity theft, and aggravated motor vehicle theft, credit card theft, among other charges.

Whether an alleged theft is charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony in Denver is contingent on the value of the property allegedly taken, whether a weapon was involved in the crime, how the alleged crime took place, and whether the defendant has a previous criminal record. Depending on the value of the property allegedly taken, a crime in Colorado can be a Class-1, Class-2, or Class-3 misdemeanor or a Class-2, 3, 4, 5, or Class-6 felony.

Theft Penalties

Penalties may vary depending on the value of the stolen property and the details of your case. Typically, the penalties are as follows:

  • Petty offense (under $50): up to six months in county jail
  • Class 3 misdemeanor ($50-$299): up to six months in jail
  • Class 2 misdemeanor ($300-$749): up to one year in jail
  • Class 1 misdemeanor ($750-$1,999): up to 18 months in jail
  • Class 6 felony ($2,000-$4,999)*
  • Class 5 felony ($5,000-$19,999)*
  • Class 4 felony ($20,000-$99,999)*
  • Class 3 felony ($100,000-$999,999)*
  • Class 2 felony ($1,000,000 or more)*

*Felony charges are much more complex than misdemeanor theft charges and therefore vary greatly, but you may face prison time, substantial fines, and other penalties. If you are facing any kind of theft charges, speak to Denver theft attorney, Dan Murphy as soon as possible.

Long-Term Ramifications

Theft charges in Colorado can cover a variety of offenses that range all the way from shoplifting to more substantial fraud charges. However, even if you have been convicted of a minor shoplifting charge, or what is often known as petty crime, there may be long-term consequences that may continue even after you have served all your penalties.

Being convicted of theft or shoplifting can leave you with a permanent criminal record, and that translates into lifelong repercussions. Few crimes are looked upon as askance by potential employers and personal friends alike as theft.

There can be devastating long-term consequences for your employment potential. With a crime conviction on your record, you may never be able to find work in a number of occupations that involve financial responsibility or authorization to handle large amounts of cash. A crime conviction will not look great on your record when you’re applying for a job in an accounting department, or as a cashier.

Most businesses will not even consider employing a person who has a crime conviction on his record, because of the trust factor. What a theft crime conviction on your record indicates is that you may not be the kind of person who can be trusted in business, especially when it comes to financial or monetary matters.

Besides, if you are a professional, that conviction on your record can affect your professional license. You could lose your license or have it suspended.

There are other long-term consequences that can affect your accommodations. For instance, if you are looking to rent a house, you should not be surprised to find that the landlord refers to your criminal background and decides not to rent out his property to you because of your theft conviction. A landlord may be well within his rights to refuse to rent you the property because of your criminal conviction, as he has a duty to other tenants of the property to protect them from criminal activity. A theft crime conviction can also affect your personal and social lives.

Unfortunately, many of these crimes are often committed under duress when the person is pushed beyond his or her limits due to financial difficulties, or may be the result of a genuine mistake. None of these factors however will matter when it comes to paying the consequences of a conviction.

Even a conviction for a misdemeanor crime can have undesirable, long-term ramifications that everyone should avoid if at all possible. And if you are accused of felony theft in Denver, incarceration is a real possibility. Get the protection you deserve by working with one of the best theft attorneys in Denver. Denver crime attorney, Dan Murphy will give you the legal advice and the active, aggressive defense that you’ll need when facing any theft charge in the greater Denver area. Don’t risk your freedom or your future on untested lawyers or a public defender who isn’t familiar with theft laws and cannot provide you with sound legal advice. Criminal defense lawyer Daniel M. Murphy has 19 years of extensive experience handling all types of Colorado theft cases. You can count on Denver theft attorney Dan Murphy for seasoned, impeccable legal representation in your theft case. Contact his law office today to discuss your case, get your legal questions answered, and receive the help you deserve.

Hire An Experienced Denver Theft Attorney

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It’s possible that Denver theft attorney Daniel M. Murphy can have your theft charge reduced or even dismissed entirely. Whatever theft charge you are facing, you’ll be represented by an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney with an impeccable reputation. Dan Murphy has experience defending people in cases involving drug possession and other drug crimes, child abuse, sex crimes, and other charges. Dan Murphy will protect your legal rights and seek the best possible resolution to your theft case. If you have already been arrested and charged with theft, or if you believe that you are under suspicion for theft, you’ll want a seasoned and experienced Denver theft attorney at your side. After evaluating your case, Denver theft attorney, Dan Murphy will explain your legal options and begin developing the best possible defense for you. Dan provides a welcoming, friendly office environment for his clients to discuss their legal situations and needs. Dan Murphy moves you quickly past legal rhetoric and red tape to the core of the legal issue you are confronting. Dan wants to save you from wasting your time, resources, and anxiety. If you’re dealing with any kind of theft charge, please call Dan Murphy to schedule a free consultation at his Denver office by filling out the form on this website or by simply calling 303-996-8998. Denver theft attorney, Dan Murphy’s law office is conveniently set on East 7th Avenue in downtown Denver, just two blocks east of Broadway. There’s always free parking available, and easy payment plans for legal services are also available.