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Robbery is a serious offense with harsh consequences that could affect the rest of your life. If you have been arrested and charged with robbery, it’s imperative that you contact Dan Murphy, experienced Denver robbery attorney, immediately.

What is Robbery?

In and Colorado and other states, robbery is a felony that involves stealing from another by employing force or coercion. In general, many people mistakenly use robbery and theft interchangeably, however the two crimes are different. Robbery is very similar to theft, however the difference is that robbery involves force and theft does not. In fact, theft can be something as minor as shoplifting. Simple robbery is a Class-4 felony in Colorado, defined as taking any item of value from another person by using force, threats, or intimidation. A conviction for “simple” robbery can mean two to six years in prison for the offender.

Aggravated robbery is considered an extraordinary risk crime. Because of this, it carries enhanced penalties. Aggravated robbery is a Class-3 felony that requires mandatory sentencing because it is considered a violent crime. If a deadly weapon or an accomplice is involved in the robbery, it’s a Class three felony; a conviction can mean four to twelve years in prison. A deadly weapon is defined under California law as:

“A firearm, a knife, bludgeon, or ay other weapon, device, instrument, material, or substance, whether animate or inanimate, that, in the manner it is used or intended to be used, is capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.”

If the robbery victim fears death or injury, or if the robbery is aided and abetted by an armed accomplice, or if the robbery includes taking any controlled substance from any pharmacy, clinic, hospital, physician’s office, or other party lawfully possessing the substance, the crime becomes a Class-2 felony, and a conviction can mean eight to twenty-four years in prison.

Robbery can carry other consequences besides the prison sentences. When you have a robbery conviction on your record, it will be very difficult to find a job. Employers do not want to hire someone who has been found guilty of not only stealing, but also aggressive, forceful behavior. You may find it difficult to get into universities around the country who will not want a criminal on their campuses. Landlords may be unwilling to rent property to someone who has a robbery charge on their record, meaning you will find it difficult to find housing in the future. If you have been convicted of robbery, your personal relationships may suffer, since those around you may begin to look at you and treat you differently.

In Colorado, robbery convictions are not eligible for sealing. That means that you will never be able to petition to have your records sealed to prevent employers, government agencies, law enforcement and the rest of the public from accessing your criminal charges.

Colorado classifies robbery as a serious and violent crime. Punishments can be harsh. If you are charged with robbery in the Denver area, or if you’re under investigation or even just suspected, speak at once to an experienced Denver robbery attorney like Daniel M. Murphy. You’re going to need a top Denver robbery attorney, and the sooner you hire one, the better chance you have at a favorable outcome for your case. Denver County drug crimes attorneys like Daniel M. Murphy can review your case, negotiate with prosecutors to reduce your charges or lessen your sentence, and help you get the justice you deserve.

Defenses Against Robbery

Contrary to popular belief, a Denver criminal defense attorney does not have to fight to prove that the defendant is innocent in robbery cases, but rather the attorney just has to cast a reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case. The prosecution must use evidence from the police investigation including security camera footage, or statements taken from witnesses, in order to prove the defendant’s guilt in the state of Colorado. In order to stand a chance in the courts, you’ll need an attorney. An experienced Denver robbery attorney will be able to come up with a defense strategy after reviewing the details of your case.

A defendant could argue that the prosecution has wrongly accused them of the crime. If the defendant has an alibi to prove that he or she was not at the scene of the crime when it occurred, then reasonable doubt will be cast on the prosecution’s case.

Other defenses could include proving that the defendant was acting under duress, meaning someone threatened him or her and forced the defendant to commit the crime against their will.

Before you can form a defense strategy, you must first meet with an experienced Denver drug crimes attorney. Contact Dan Murphy, who has 19 years of experience, for legal assistance in your robbery case.

Experience You Can Count On

Even a conviction for a simple robbery can have undesirable ramifications to be avoided if possible. If you are accused of aggravated robbery in Denver, incarceration is a genuine likelihood. Denver robbery attorney Dan Murphy will give you the legal counsel and the strong, pro-active defense that you’ll require to face any robbery charge in the Denver area. Daniel M. Murphy has 19 years of criminal defense experience handling all types of Colorado robbery cases. Scores of clients have counted on Dan Murphy for skillful, hard-working, and successful legal representation. Now, Dan Murphy’s ready to serve you.

Seasoned and Experienced Denver Robbery Attorney

Denver, Colorado criminal lawyerIt’s sometimes possible that Denver robbery attorney Dan Murphy can have a robbery charge reduced for you or even dismissed entirely. Whatever robbery charge you are facing, if Dan Murphy defends you, you’ll be represented by an experienced Denver robbery attorney with an unimpeachable reputation. Dan Murphy protects his clients’ legal rights and relentlessly seeks the best possible outcome to robbery and other criminal cases. After evaluating the particulars of your case, Dan Murphy will explain your legal options to you and begin developing the best possible defense. Denver robbery attorney, Dan Murphy, provides a welcoming, comfortable office environment for his clients to discuss their legal situations and needs. Dan Murphy will move you quickly past fears and red tape to the core of your legal issue. If you are charged with robbery, contact Denver robbery attorney, Dan Murphy, right away to schedule a free consultation at his Denver office. Simply fill out the form on this site or call 303-996-8998. Dan Murphy’s office is set on East 7th Avenue in downtown Denver, two blocks east of Broadway. There’s always free parking available, and easy payment plans for legal services are also available.