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In Colorado state, “property crimes” is a general term that covers a wide range of crimes with varying degrees of severity. The legal consequences of these charges can be severe, depending on the type of estate crime committed and the value of the property damaged or stolen. The use of violence or weapons, or the involvement of drugs or alcohol, almost always makes a property crime charge even more serious in Colorado.

Types of Property Crimes

Because the term property crime is so vague, it is important to understand what common property crimes are:


If you have intentionally started a fire or used explosives to destroy estate, you may be charged with arson, a type of property crime.


Using force or the threat of force to steal money or property from another person is considered robbery under California law. If you are armed or claim to be armed, the charges will be elevated to aggravated robbery.


If you unlawfully enter a residence or closed business in order to commit a crime, you may be charged with burglary, a type of property crime.


Illegally entering someone else’s estate and remaining on it is trespassing and considered to be a property crime under Colorado law. You do not need to commit any crime once on the property to be convicted of trespassing.

Criminal mischief

If you damage property that does not belong to you or that you own jointly with someone else, you could receive criminal mischief charges, a type of property crime. Criminal mischief is often committed in domestic violence crimes, where the accused damages jointly owned property, completely unaware that his or her actions are illegal.

Defacing property

Damaging or defacing another person’s property or a historical monument will result in defacing property charges in the state of Colorado.

Other types of property crimes include vandalism, theft, grand theft auto, shoplifting and receiving stolen property.

Because there is such a wide range of property crimes, the penalties can vary greatly depending on which you committed. Any type of property crime should be taken seriously, as any of these charges could mean harsh penalties and possible prison time. Any conviction will remain on your criminal record, which will greatly impair your chances of securing future employment or hurt your ability to get into a university. Additionally, you could face a civil suit filed by the people who own the property you have damaged.

If you’ve received a charge with a property crime, don’t take any chances facing the Denver County courts without representation from a Denver criminal defense lawyer. Skilled lawyers can give you with legal advice about your case and use their resources to help you create a strong defense strategy. Hire Dan Murphy, an experienced Denver property crimes attorney, to aggressively defend your rights, seek justice, and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

An Experienced Denver Property Crimes Attorney

If you receive charges involving any property crime around the greater Denver area, you will need the services and counsel of a knowledgeable Denver property crime attorney. Daniel M. Murphy is an experienced Denver property crime attorney with a thorough understanding of Colorado’s legal system and law. Attorney Dan Murphy knows how to create an impressive criminal defense to achieve the desired outcome: striving to keep you out of your county jail. Dan Murphy has defended scores of clients accused of property crimes during his 25-year career in the Denver area. Throughout the Denver community, Daniel M. Murphy has a reputation for diligence and integrity. Denver property crimes lawyer, Dan Murphy also has an incredible record of winning property crime cases, along with successfully guiding clients through the Colorado court system.

Denver property crimes attorney Dan Murphy has represented juveniles and adults in both misdemeanor and felony property crime cases. He knows that eyewitnesses can make mistakes and that police officers can violate your rights. He can figure out the weakness in the prosecution’s case, which he will exploit that weakness to your advantage. Dan Murphy also understands what’s at stake if you’re convicted. Dan M urphy will use his extensive 25 years of experience with property crime attorney and former public defender to develop an effective defense strategy on your behalf. Hiring Dan Murphy as your criminal defense attorney is the wise move if you are charged with any kind of property crime in the Denver area. If you are not yet charged with a property crime but you are under investigation or suspected, contact Daniel M. Murphy now. With so much at stake, it’s never too early to begin working on your legal defense.

Hire An Experienced Denver Property Crimes Attorney

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Following the evaluation of your case and your specific circumstances, Denver property crimes lawyer Dan Murphy will explain your legal options to you and begin to develop the best possible criminal defense. Although the defense strategy will heavily depend on your case’s circumstances, some of the most common strategies used in property crime cases include showing the police illegally searched the defendant or the defendant’s property in order to discover crucial evidence of the crime, proving that the prosecutors do not have enough evidence to convict the defendant of a crime, or showing witnesses and/or law enforcement have wrongly accused the defendant and have him or her mistaken with someone else

Prosecutors will often use witness testimony, forensic evidence, expert witness testimony and surveillance footage if available to prove that the defendant committed the crime. Because there can be mounds of evidence in property crime cases, it is essential that you work with an experienced Denver property crime attorney who can thoroughly investigate all evidence and form a sound defense strategy.

After evaluating your case and your specific circumstances, Denver property crimes lawyer Dan Murphy will discuss your legal options in detail so you can begin to develop the best possible and ideal criminal defense.

Dan’s office is friendly and welcoming for all clients and legal needs. for his clients to discuss their legal needs and situations. With this office, you will quickly move past the legal red tape so you can save money, grief, and time. If you are charged with a crime involving property damage, it’s in your interest to hire a good Denver property crimes lawyer with proven experience and success. Schedule your free consultation with Daniel M. Murphy by calling 303-996-8998 or filling out the form on the website. Dan Murphy takes his client relationships seriously so you will be respected at all times. The law office is conveniently located on East 7th Avenue where you can access free parking and payment plans.