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What can constitute a harassment charge in Denver may surprise you. For example, just spitting on another person is enough “physical contact” to constitute illegal harassment. Luckily, there are ways to defend a harassment charge in court that have proved to be successful in many cases. Sometimes defendants charged with harassment have successfully offered a First Amendment defense based on the protection of free speech. Sex crimes lawyers also have another successful defense against harassment has been establishing that a defendant did not have the intent to harm or otherwise commit a crime. The particulars of a harassment case determine whether the harassment is charged as a Class-3 misdemeanor or a Class-1 misdemeanor. Harassment is a serious charge in Denver; if you’re accused of harassment in the Denver area, you’ll need legal advice from an experienced Denver sex crimes attorney.

Harassment Defined

Different types of conduct may be considered harassment. A suspect can be charged in the state of Colorado if, with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm, he or she:

  • Strikes, shoves, kicks, or otherwise touches a person or subjects him to physical contact, or;
  • In a public place, directs obscene language or makes an obscene gesture to or at a victim;
  • Initiates communication with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, telephone network, data network, text message, instant message, computer, computer network, or computer system in a manner intended to harass or threaten bodily injury or property damage, or makes any comment, request, suggestion, or proposal by telephone, computer, computer network, or computer system that is obscene, or;
  • Makes a telephone call or causes a telephone to ring repeatedly, whether or not a conversation ensues, with no purpose of legitimate conversation; or
  • Makes repeated communications at inconvenient hours that invade the privacy of another and interfere in the use and enjoyment of another’s home or private residence or other private property; or
  • Repeatedly insults, taunts, challenges, or makes communications in offensively coarse language to, another in a manner likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response.

In Colorado, the most common form of harassment is an individual striking, shoving, or kicking another person. However, an experienced Denver persecution lawyer will be able to defend you on any type of harassment charge.

Often, people who face charges of harassment are not even aware that they were doing something wrong. For instance, you can be charged with harassment if you had any intention to harass or alarm a person, or if you touched another person when the other person regarded this as unwanted contact. If you are using obscene language in public or gestures, this can be classified as harassment.

If you have been engaged in any kind of harassing behavior with a person on a social media network, on the telephone, or on any form of the Internet, you can face harassment charges. If you have engaged in any kind of interaction with another person that was marked by insults, taunts, or any kind of behavior that could provoke an undesirable response or violent response from the other person, then you could face charges of harassment.

If you’re currently facing charges of harassment, get in touch with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney immediately. Don’t assume that these charges are minor because they are filed as misdemeanors. A conviction could result in you facing as many as six months in jail. Schedule a consultation with a Denver defense attorney immediately.

Harassment Penalties

Although every case is different, most harassment charges are considered to be class 3 misdemeanors. That means that the maximum penalty for most harassment cases is six months in jail plus a small, $50 fine.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should take a harassment charge lightly. The long-term consequences of being convicted of harassment are serious and can follow you for the rest of your life. It may be difficult to get into a university or get hired by an employer with a sexual harassment or harassment charge on your record.

If the harassment occurred because of the victim’s race, color, religion, ancestry, or national origin, then the charge can be considered a hate crime harassment, which is a class 1 misdemeanor. Because this charge would be considered a hate crime, the penalties vary greatly from harassment charges.

If you have been charged with harassment, contact a Denver harassment attorney as soon as possible to fight the charges and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Harassment attorneys recommend you do not speak with local law enforcement or answer any of their questions until you have contacted a lawyer for help. Top lawyers can carefully review your case, find holes in the prosecutor’s story, and fight back against the claims of harassment.

Hire An Experienced Denver Harassment Attorney

Denver, Colorado criminal lawyerIf you or someone you know is charged with harassment in the greater Denver area, you’ll need the counsel and services of a good Denver harassment attorney to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Even if you’re only under suspicion, don’t wait; now is the time to get the legal assistance you’re going to need. Denver harassment attorney Daniel M. Murphy is an experienced Denver harassment attorney familiar with Colorado’s laws and legal system. Dan knows how to put together an aggressive criminal defense designed to keep you out of jail. He has defended scores of clients accused of harassment and related crimes during his 19-year career in the Denver area. Dan Murphy has a solid reputation for integrity and a record of winning criminal cases and effectively guiding his clients through the imposing and intimidating Colorado court system.

Representation from Dan Murphy means you will have a compassionate, seasoned, and skilled Denver harassment attorney on your side. From your initial free consultation to the resolution of your harassment charge, Dan will provide an aggressive defense and work to resolve your case quickly. While he may be able to get the harassment charge reduced or dismissed, the best defense may sometimes involve a deal or a plea bargain, or it may even require going to trial. Denver defense attorney, Dan Murphy will work with you on the best way to achieve the best possible outcome. Please schedule your free consultation with Daniel M. Murphy today!