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Although many people may think that indecent exposure is not a major offense, the truth is, there are serious consequences for being convicted of indecent exposure in Colorado. If you have been charged with indecent exposure, don’t hesitate to contact Dan Murphy, a skilled Denver sex crimes attorney, to begin working on your case as soon as possible.

What is Indecent Exposure?

Indecent exposure can be a Class-1 misdemeanor or a Class-6 felony in Colorado, but make no mistake; both are serious charges. Here, in part, is how the statute reads:

A person commits indecent exposure:

  • If he or she knowingly exposes his or her genitals to the view of any person under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person with the intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of any person;
  • If he or she knowingly performs an act of masturbation in a manner which exposes the act to the view of any person under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm to the other person.”

A large number of actions can be described as indecent exposure, including but not limited to:

  • Streaking through a public area
  • Public urination
  • Sunbathing topless or nude in an area where others can see you
  • Taking nude photographs in a public area
  • Flashing or mooning another person

If you have been charged with indecent exposure, it’s imperative that you contact a Denver indecent exposure attorney. With over 25 years of experience, Dan Murphy will fight tirelessly to defend your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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Statutes Offense and Charge
C.R.S § 18-7-302 (2)(a) 1st or 2nd offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor Misdemeanor – 6 to 18 months in jail, a fine of $500 to $5,000, or both.
C.R.S § 18-7-302 (2)(4) 3rd or subsequent offense is a Class 6 felony Felony – 1 year to 18 months in prison, a fine of $1000 to $100,000, or both.

Indecent Exposure Defenses

In order to be convicted of indecent exposure, the prosecutor must prove that you acted with sexual intent. Unfortunately, Denver vulgar display defense attorneys find that in many cases, indecent exposure is the result of a very innocent action. For instance, persons who are sunbathing or tanning in the nude, or even urinating, may find themselves facing indecent exposure charges. These individuals may have thought that no one could see them or what they were doing was harmless.

Because so many actions can be misconstrued as sexual, you need the help of an experienced Denver indecent exposure attorney on your side to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. Attorneys can thoroughly investigate the case to unearth evidence that shows your actions were not sexual in nature, or that the witnesses did not see what they claimed. The sooner that you contact an indecent exposure attorney to begin working on your case, the better.

Prosecutors face many difficulties when it comes to proving that a witness is telling the truth. Often times, attorneys can prove that witnesses are unreliable because of the distance between them and the defendant when the action took place, biases, or the length of the observation. During cross-examination, a skilled Denver indecent exposure attorney may also be able to get witnesses to admit that they are unsure of what they saw or what the intent of the action was.

Remember, it is the prosecutor’s duty to prove that you acted with sexual intent. If you have been charged with indecent exposure, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced indecent exposure attorney to begin investigating your case and forming a defense strategy. A Denver criminal defense lawyer may be able to prove you never intended to commit indecent exposure. After an arrest, don’t speak to the police officer or answer questions until you have talked to an attorney. Criminal defense lawyers like Daniel M. Murphy have the legal knowledge to provide you with protection from interrogation. Seek a criminal lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest for legal advice and assistance with your case.

Consequences of Conviction

Indecent exposure is a Class-1 misdemeanor that becomes a Class-6 felony if the defendant has two previous indecent exposure convictions, whether in Colorado or in any other state(s).

In some cases, if you have prior charges of indecent exposure, you may be charged with a sex crime. That means automatically higher penalties, including a prison sentence. In addition to possible jail time, a conviction for indecent exposure in Colorado mandates sex offender registration. When you are required to register as a sex offender, it means details of your crime, your name, address and contact information, your photographs and aliases will be accessible to the public. That leads to many complications including the inability to get accommodation in certain areas, inability to apply for or get certain jobs, not being accepted by your local community, and other consequences.

You do not want to be convicted for indecent exposure in Colorado; some of the consequences can follow you for life. If you or someone in your family is charged with indecent exposure in the Denver area, you’ll need a successful defense requiring the skills of a savvy, experienced Denver indecent exposure attorney. Denver indecent exposure attorney, Daniel M. Murphy, is a respected Denver-area criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of legal experience. He understands the difficult circumstances that an indecent exposure charge can generate. Your freedom, your job, and your family are all, suddenly, at risk. Dan Murphy will answer your questions, explain your rights and your options, and build a defense strategy to achieve the best possible result.

Hire An Experienced Denver Indecent Exposure Attorney

Denver, Colorado criminal lawyerDenver indecent exposure attorney Daniel M. Murphy provides an aggressive defense for clients accused of indecent exposure. Dan will uncover the facts in your case and deliver an effective, clear defense while faithfully defending your rights and working toward the best end result for your particular case. In some cases charges may be reduced or dropped entirely. Other cases may end in a plea bargain, and still others will become trials. Denver sex crimes attorney, Dan Murphy, will do everything he can to help you avoid a conviction for indecent exposure and the sex offender registration that follows a conviction. Dan Murphy has a reputation throughout the Denver area for diligence and integrity; he also has a demonstrable record of success defending clients accused of indecent exposure and related crimes.

If you or someone in your family needs to deal with an indecent exposure charge in the Denver area, do this, right now; please schedule a free consultation with Denver sex crimes lawyer, Dan Murphy,  as soon as possible at his downtown Denver office by filling out the form on this website or by calling 303-996-8998. Dan’s law office is set on East 7th Avenue, two blocks from Broadway. There is always free parking, and payment plans are available for legal services.

Colorado Indecent Exposure Statutes

C.R.S § 18-7-302

In the state of Colorado, a person commits indecent exposure if they knowingly expose their genitals or knowingly perform an act of masturbation to a person with the intent to arouse another person, while causing alarm to that person.

C.R.S § 18-7-302 (2)(a)

Colorado recognizes three categories of criminal charges: petty offenses, misdemeanors, and

felonies. Petty offenses are the least serious, but a conviction can still mean jail time and a

criminal record. Indecent exposure is charged as a Class 1 misdemeanor in Colorado and misdemeanor jail sentences, usually a year or less, are typically served in county jails. There is also the potential to pay a fine of $500-$5000 in lieu or in addition to jail time.

C.R.S § 18-7-302 (2)(4)

Felonies are the more serious crimes that are punishable by a minimum of one year in prison. In terms of indecent exposure, the crime is a misdemeanor unless someone already has two previous convictions for indecent exposure “or of a violation of a comparable offense in any other state or in the United States, or of a violation of a comparable municipal ordinance. A third indecent exposure or a “comparable offense” charge is prosecuted as a Class 6 felony in