Daniel M. Murphy has spent decades representing clients who are accused of committing various crimes, including DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, and domestic violence. Because of his extensive legal experience, clients trust Daniel M. Murphy to handle the most complex criminal cases. Learn why so many clients rely on Daniel M. Murphy by reading some of our law firm’s many reviews below:

Thank you very much for representing me as my attorney during my criminal charges case and trial, in which I was falsely accused of third degree assault (dv). Fortunately, as recommended by yourself, it was decided that we stay the course, and the jury returned their verdict of “not guilty”. You helped me a lot during that time, and I really do appreciate what you had done, and how you had handled the case and trial for me.
Thanks again!!
Tom Schader

To any prospective clients…I would recommend that you talk to Dan Murphy about your cases, and I highly recommend that you consider Mr. Murphy as your legal representation. He did a great job for me during the entire process that I went through, and especially during the time where he fought in my defense during trial. I am not saying this about Dan because the jury found me not guilty. I am saying this because I truly believe it. In fact, just prior to the jury verdict, I personally told Dan that I thought he had done a great job no matter what the outcome was. I am certainly not planning on needing legal representation again anytime soon, but if I do, I will be giving Dan Murphy a phone call to set up an appointment down at his office!!

by Tom Schader

A few years back, I was involved in a case of mistaken identity. Wrong place, wrong time. This terrible situation had me facing 8 years and multiple armed robbery felonies. Daniel Murphy helped tremendously throughout the entire process. He had the foresight to protect my rights at every turn. He used a private investigator to help build our case and promptly filed the proper motions to preserve DNA evidence, that ultimately led to all of the robbery and menacing charges being dropped. I had to end up pleading guilty to a possession charge, as I had consented to search. If I had known my rights, I’m sure he could have gotten the possession charge dismissed. Throughout the probation process, Daniel Murphy was in my corner the whole time. I had a very difficult probation officer and Mr. Murphy was always a phone call away. He would regularly contact probation on my behalf, and protected my rights throughout the probation process. I was sentenced to 3 years probation and after being 1 1/2 years in to that, Mr. Murphy got my probation terminated. Throughout all of the madness of these events, Daniel Murphy had a way of explaining my rights and the laws, that brought peace to a nightmare situation. Mr. Murphy was always very prompt as far as returning calls and emails. I have recommended Daniel Murphy to two other friends, and would not hesitate to recommend him again.

by Chris Marquez

Back in 2012 I was charged with a DUI. I applied for the Colorado Public Defender and was represented by them for over two years. Eventually the court appointed Mr. Murphy to represent me. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He was diligent, professional and aggressive! In September 2014 Mr. Murphy represented me at trial and the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict. I would and will recommend his services to anyone in need of a great attorney. Thank you Dan.

by Evette Rascon

GREAT! I was being charged with 3rd DUI and vehicular assault and the DA wanted 6 years and felony conviction. Dan did a great job, he knew how to play “the game”. Dan educated me about my case and prepared me for the road a head. He fought hard and made sure that I did not take a crap deal. Dan was able to get me a good deal and a short sentence. In the end I took a deal of dui 3 and a deferred f4 and did only 48 days work release. I would and have recommended Dan Murphy.

by Justin Williams

Dan was efficient and professional! I recommend him to anyone looking for legal council. I’ve recommended him to many friends and family members over the years with the same result. He’s definitely helped me out through the years.

by Paul Tyler Newell

Daniel Murphy took my DUI case with little hesitation and worked tirelessly to secure the best outcome possible for the circumstances. His services were affordable, and well worth the money that I did pay. Even more impressive – he did all of this while I was living 500 miles away in another state! He was gracious, hardworking, and understood exactly what to do to make sure that I could go through my court proceedings with no hiccups. And because of his hard work, I am able to move past this mistake and on with my life.

I am so grateful for the work that Dan Murphy put into my case and I would recommend him for anyone in need of these services.

by Melanie Buer

Dan was my attorney on a DUI case. I was very nervous but he always figured out a way to calm me down and what he told me in the beginning of the case was what ultimately happened. Not Guilty on all charges. Myself and my witness met with Dan numerous times at his office as he prepared for trial. His trial skills were outstanding and it was his confidence that allowed me to testify in a manner that was effective with the jury. He was prepared, confident and ready at every turn. Dan spent much time assuring me things would be OK and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing a better job.

by Steve Farley