Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

For 19 years, Denver criminal defense lawyer, Daniel M. Murphy has provided clients in the greater Denver area with aggressive and sympathetic legal help. Daniel M. Murphy is a Denver criminal defense lawyer who represents misdemeanor and felony defendants facing charges that include: DUI, domestic violence, assault, drug crimes, sex offenses, and other criminal cases in Denver County and throughout the Denver metro area, and in other district, county, and municipal courts in Colorado. Dan has extensive knowledge of how the Colorado court system works. He uses his considerable expertise to develop effective defense strategies for his clients.

Denver criminal defense lawyer, Daniel M. Murphy graduated from the University of Denver Law School in 1994. After passing the Bar Exam, Dan joined the Colorado Bar Association, the Denver Bar Association, and worked as a Colorado public defender. For nearly 3 years as a public defender, Dan learned Colorado’s judicial system and how to defend clients accused of the most difficult criminal and alcohol-related charges. Dan started his own DUI and criminal law practice in Denver in 1996. Early in his legal career, Dan became a participant in Law Line 9, a volunteer-based community legal service sponsored by KUSA 9-News, and he remains active with Law Line 9 today. Dan also serves the University Of Colorado School Of Law, as well as his own alma mater, Denver University, as a Moot Court Judge for law students who rely on his mentorship..

An Experienced Denver Criminal Lawyer

Dan Murphy has the expertise, knowledge, diligence, and compassion that make a great attorney. If you’ve been charged with a crime or a violation of the law, Dan Murphy will use his extensive legal resources and tools on your behalf. Call Dan’s downtown Denver office and you’ll quickly understand why those in legal community respect him and why his clients so appreciate him. Don’t hesitate. If you need a defender, contact Dan Murphy today.

To find out more about how Daniel M. Murphy can assist you, contact the office today to schedule your free consultation. If you are being investigated, or if you have been charged with any crime or traffic

violation, you need an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer fighting for you. Schedule a free consultation with Dan at his downtown Denver office by emailing him or by calling 303-996-8998. The office is conveniently located on East 7th Avenue, two blocks east of Broadway. Free parking is always available. Denver criminal defense lawyer, Daniel M. Murphy offers payment plans for legal services.