With two decades of experience representing persons who are accused of crimes throughout the state of Colorado, Daniel M. Murphy is a Denver criminal defense attorney who provides his clients with sound legal advice and with high-quality, aggressive defense representation against criminal charges. He has established a reputation for legal excellence recognized by judges, prosecutors, and his peers. If you are accused of a felony or a misdemeanor in the Denver area, do not risk your freedom and your future by taking a chance with an inexperienced lawyer. From sex crimes to DUI charges, Denver criminal defense attorney Daniel M. Murphy has fought on behalf of clients facing virtually every kind of criminal charge in Denver and across the state.

Most criminal defense lawyers offer their prospective clients an initial free consultation that is really just a sales pitch, but when you first consult with Denver criminal defense attorney Daniel Murphy, he will meet with you for as long as you need to discuss your case and to help you understand your legal rights, evaluate your legal options, and make the best possible legal choices. Daniel Murphy understands from experience the anxiety that every defendant feels who has been accused of a serious crime. He can answer your legal questions, address your concerns, and provide sound and aggressive legal advocacy on your behalf.

Denver defense attorney Daniel Murphy fights aggressively for not guilty verdicts and for the dismissal of charges, although when the evidence against a client is overwhelming, he will also negotiate for sentencing alternatives that may include a work release program, electronic monitoring, or alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Daniel Murphy uses every legal tool to protect the rights and the freedom of his clients. Colorado courts are particularly tough on convicted felony and misdemeanor offenders, so you will want to be represented by a defense attorney who knows precisely what it will take to bring the case against you to its best possible conclusion.


If you are arrested and charged with any felony or misdemeanor in the state of Colorado – from a traffic offense to a violent assault – politely insist on your right to remain silent and on your right to have an attorney present during any interrogation. Do not answer any questions, sign any documents, admit to any guilt or responsibility, or accept any “deal” without first consulting an attorney who is working for you. And do not try to be your own lawyer, either – there is far too much at risk. Daniel Murphy will fight to have the charges against you dismissed, and when that is not possible, he will negotiate an acceptable plea bargain, or he will ask a jury to acquit you.

Colorado felony charges – and even some misdemeanor charges – carry ramifications that can often affect a person for the rest of his or her life. A felony conviction is likely to result in a jail sentence or a prison sentence, steep fines, and years of probation. It can often be tough to find work – or sometimes even housing – with a recent criminal conviction on your record. If you’re charged with any felony or misdemeanor in the greater Denver area, the wise move is to put defense lawyer Daniel Murphy on the case as quickly as possible. Don’t wait. The more time an attorney has to work on your defense, the more likely it is that the defense will be successful.

Criminal charges require a serious legal response. Not every attorney has the experience and talent to defend you effectively in a court of law, but Daniel Murphy will bring your criminal case to its best possible conclusion. Even being accused of the most minor kind of crime can dramatically and negatively affect your life. Facing criminal charges makes many people feel agony, hopelessness, and fear. There is no need for that in the Denver area. Daniel M. Murphy knows how to defend against even the most serious criminal charges and how to guide your case through the justice system while fully protecting your legal rights and your long-term best interests.



A graduate of the University of Denver Law School, Daniel Murphy worked for three years as a public defender before starting his own criminal law practice in 1996. He knows what the stakes are when a defendant is prosecuted for a serious crime. With twenty years of legal experience, he has represented hundreds of defendants, gaining the background that teaches a lawyer how to pick jurors, negotiate plea bargains, and present the most effective arguments in a client’s defense. Your right to an attorney is one of the most important legal rights we have, so take advantage of that right by contacting attorney Daniel Murphy as soon as possible after any Denver-area arrest.

A conviction for any felony – and for some misdemeanors – can take your liberty from you and can negatively impact your family and your future for years to come. If you are a Denver-area resident or a visitor to the area, and if you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor in the Denver vicinity, do not put your freedom at any further risk. Obtain the services of an experienced defense attorney with an impressive record of victories in cases like yours, an attorney who fights relentlessly for justice. Daniel Murphy is that attorney – a veteran defense lawyer who will honestly evaluate your case and aggressively work to defend your rights.

Daniel Murphy works diligently on behalf of clients in Denver and throughout Colorado. If you need a criminal defense attorney’s services or just good legal advice, contact him now at 303-996-8998 or email To learn more about how attorney Daniel M. Murphy can help you, contact his Denver law office today to schedule a consultation. If you have been charged with a crime, or if you believe that you are suspected of a crime, put a skilled defense lawyer on the case. Daniel Murphy will explain your legal options, help you develop the best possible legal defense, and protect your rights at every stage of the criminal justice process.