Lakewood child-victim cases reopened after probe of detective

Lakewood police are re-examining more than 200 cases involving child victims following the resignation of a detective targeted by internal affairs for failing to properly investigate complaints.

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Medical marijuana grow isn’t child abuse any more than having a liquor cabinet, attorney says

Joseph Lightfoot was originally charged with felony child abuse for a legal medical marijuana grow simply because he had three kids living in the home where he was cultivating. The count was later bumped down to a couple of misdemeanors, to which Lightfoot pleaded guilty — a decision his attorney, Daniel Murphy, wishes could have been avoided. In his view, “the case never should have been brought,” because it’s based on a fallacy.

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Judge scoffs at jail time for Denver dad in medical-pot case

It may not have been wise for Joseph Lightfoot to open a state-licensed medical-marijuana growing operation in his basement with three kids in the house, but his actions didn’t warrant jail time, said a Denver County Court judge, who complained that prosecutors “overcharged” Lightfoot.

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