Hacking of Photos Does Not Constitute Sex Crime

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Denver criminal defense attorneyThe term “sex crimes” can include a vast and wide category of crimes that can range all the way from a sexual relationship with a person below the age of legal consent, to the production and distribution of child pornography. However, the recent celebrity photo scandal in which thousands of digital images of celebrities were leaked and released on the Internet does not constitute a sex crime, even though the pictures depicted the celebrities in the nude.

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence in an interview, alleged that the hacking which involved many of her own pictures too, constituted a sex crime. Lawrence, however, is wrong. The hacking of her nude pictures, while it might have been emotionally distressing to her, does not meet the criteria for a sex crime.

That doesn’t mean that the leak of those photographs cannot have other types of charges apply to them. For instance, Denver criminal defense attorneys believe that wiretapping, or invasion of privacy charges can be filed against the persons who were responsible for hacking these computers and distributing the celebrities’ nude pictures on the Internet. However, distribution of those pictures, even if they were nude pictures, does not constitute the distribution of child pornography, creation of child pornography, inappropriate touching of a minor, or the wide variety of other crimes that constitute sex crimes in Colorado.

The distribution of nude photographs in some situations and in some states has been specifically defined as a crime, if the distribution takes place without the permission of the person in the pictures. For instance, New Jersey has an invasion of privacy law that allows charges to be filed against persons distributing nude pictures of other persons without their permission. Typically, those kinds of charges are seen in revenge- porn cases, in which a person in a spurned relationship, posts pictures of his ex on the Internet without her permission, in an attempt to humiliate her. If you are facing sex crime charges, consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately.

Mesa County Records Highest BAC Levels in 2013

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Denver DUI lawyerAmong all the counties in Colorado in 2013, it was drivers in Mesa County who managed to rack up the highest blood-alcohol concentration levels last year. That information comes from a drunk driving prevention program in Colorado, which confirmed that drivers in Mesa county who were arrested for DUI in 2013 reported higher blood-alcohol levels than any other county last year.

The statistics came from the Persistence Drunk Driver Program,. According to the website, the average blood-alcohol level content for drivers arrested for DUI in Mesa County was .176. That is more than twice the legally permissible level of 0.08%.

Drunk driving is a serious offense in Colorado. If you are arrested for DUI, get in touch with a Denver DUI lawyer as quickly as possible. A person who is arrested for drunk driving in Colorado faces two charges possible charges of drunk driving. He could be charged with DUI or (driving under the influence of alcohol.) These charges are filed if the driver registers at .08% or higher. He could also be charged with a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) charge. These charges are filed when the motorist has registered at .05% or higher, but less than .08%.

Both of these charges come with severe consequences. If you are charged with DUI in Colorado, it is not just the criminal case that you have to worry about, but also the hearing conducted by the Colorado Department Of Motor Vehicles.

The Colorado Department Of Motor Vehicles will conduct its own hearing into your DUI arrest, and may decide to suspend or revoke your license. The criminal case is separate from the DMV hearing. Losing your license is not a minor matter, and can severely impact your ability to go to work, to school, or go about your other activities.

If you are facing a DUI arrest, get in touch with a Denver DUI lawyer immediately, to avoid getting your license suspended or revoked. A DMV hearing is not something that you want to face all alone without the help of an attorney.

Same-Sex Couples Experience More Domestic Violence than Heterosexual Couples

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Denver criminal defense lawyer attorneyHomosexual, lesbian and bisexual couples are much more likely to suffer domestic violence compared to straight sexual couples. According to the results of a new study, the stigma that comes from being a sexual minority has led to underreporting of these incidents, with the result that we do not have accurate statistics about the actual rates of domestic violence among these groups.

According to the research, many homosexual and lesbian couples who suffer domestic abuse may not come out and report these incidents to the police, because they fear that they will be discriminated against. In other cases, these people have not come out about their sexual orientation or have kept their sexual orientation a secret even from their friends and family members.

Lesbians seem to be at a much higher risk of domestic violence in their relationships, compared to men. Just like in heterosexual relationships, Denver criminal defense lawyer attorney find that women seem to be at the receiving end of domestic violence more often than males.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be engaged in strong, aggressive acts of violence in order to be charged with domestic violence. Very often, allegations of domestic violence stem from a simple family quarrel that goes out of control, resulting in police officers entering the property and domestic violence charges being filed if one spouse as much as pushes or shoves the other person. Another major complication with domestic violence cases in Colorado that police officers, very often, arrest the person if they have cause to believe that an incident of domestic violence occurred on the property.

There are other complications if you are charged with domestic violence in Colorado. Even if your spouse wants to drop the charges after filing them, the charges do not get dismissed easily. The District Attorney will make the final decision about whether the charges against you should be dismissed, or whether the case should go to court.

That makes these charges very serious. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you must consult with an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer attorney immediately.

NBA Confirms It Will Review Domestic Violence Policies

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Denver domestic violence defense attorneyThe National Football League is under mounting criticism over its failure to react appropriately to allegations of domestic violence involving football players. However, another professional sports organization, the National Basketball Association is taking steps to avoid such criticism.

According to the NBA Commissioner, the organization will review its domestic violence policies in light of the proceedings at the NFL. The NBA Commissioner says that his organization wants to learn from the experiences of the NFL. Currently, the National Basketball Association has a policy which calls for a 10-game suspension, when a player is convicted of any violent felony.

As of now, the NBA, the NHL, and the MLB do not have any policies related to domestic violence in their agreements. Recently however, the National Football League, after facing months of criticism over its lack of a policy, enacted a policy that is aimed at curbing domestic violence in its ranks. According to the policy, players who have been accused of domestic violence will face a six-game suspension for a first time offense. For a second offense, they could be looking at a lifetime ban from the sport. The NFL six-game suspension policy applies not just to athletes, but also owners, coaches and everybody else involved in the organization.

As the controversy over the Ray Rice domestic violence incident continues to grow, Denver domestic violence defense attorneys have found pressure mounting on the NFL to lay down stringent penalties for athletes convicted of a felony. The Ray Rice incident refers to the footage that emerged recently of the NFL athlete committing violent acts against his then-fiancé. Since then, the athlete has been suspended by the Baltimore Ravens.

Charges of domestic violence are taken very seriously, not just by the criminal courts but also by the public, as the Ray Rice episode shows. Even if you are not in the public eye and are accused of domestic violence, you will quickly find that those charges begin to affect the way people perceive you. Charges of domestic violence can begin to affect a person’s interpersonal relationships, social life and professional life, even before the charges are proved. These are some of the longer-lasting consequences of a conviction. That’s why it’s important to get in touch with a Denver domestic violence defense attorney as soon as you are faced with charges of domestic violence.

Traffic Violations May Not Equal Deportations for Illegal Immigrants

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Denver traffic offenses attorneyThe federal administration is currently considering plans, under which undocumented immigrants who are convicted for traffic violations are not immediately eligible for deportation. A report that was released recently by the Center for Immigration Studies recently found that as many as 50,000 Americans could continue to remain in the country annually every year, if traffic offenses no longer equal deportation.

The immigration crisis continues to dominate the headlines, and advocates want the President to lower deportations of persons being deported for very minor offenses. According to immigration advocates, many people are being deported for minor crimes, like traffic violations.

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that in 2011, there were 49,997 immigrants who were deported from the country for traffic-related convictions. About 40,419 immigrants were removed in 2012, and last year, the number dropped to 39,277. Critics say that illegal aliens, who kill people in accidents caused by traffic violations, should be deported from the country without any exception. They are against any moves to remove the standard deportation rule from applying to persons with traffic violations. If you are currently facing charges of traffic offenses, speak with a Denver traffic offenses attorney.

Most of the undocumented immigrants deported for traffic offenses violations were convicted of drunk driving, while more than 2,000 were convicted of hit-and-run. Approximately 5 dozen were convicted of carjacking crimes.

The federal administration has been taking some action on stopping deportations, which have risen to record highs under President Obama. In 2012, for instance, President Obama began a program that stopped deporting younger adult immigrants, who were brought into the United States by their parents as children. However, immigration activists also want the program to be expanded to include the illegal immigrant’s parents and those convicted only of minor crimes, or immigration-related crimes.

According to the Center for Immigrant Studies, traffic violations that would now no longer immediately mean deportation for undocumented immigrants would include a number of offenses.

If you are cited for a traffic violation while driving in Denver, then you could face several penalties, including license suspension. Speak to a Denver traffic offenses attorney about how you can minimize the damage to your driving record.

Is Your Car Placing You at a Higher Risk of a Traffic Citation?

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Denver traffic offenses lawyerCould driving a particular car place you at a high risk of a traffic citation? According to the folks at Insurance.com, it could. You could possibly be driving a car that makes you an automatic ticket magnet.

That car, according to an Insurance.com analysis of models, is likely a Subaru WRX. According to the analysis, as many as one -third of drivers who drove a Subaru WRX and applied for insurance, already had a traffic violation on their record. The average rate for traffic violations was just about 19.9% for motorists who drove other models of cars.

In fact, a number of affordable sporty cars like the WRX are on the list. Denver traffic offenses lawyer know that this could be because police officers are much more likely to focus on a motorist driving a flashy sports car. That also means a risk of higher premiums, because insurance premiums are very often based on relative risk. If you’re driving one of these models, you are possibly paying higher insurance premiums, than people driving other models.

The analysis also found that speeding was the most common traffic violation that was found on these drivers’ records. Additionally, these drivers were also much more likely to be cited for violations for drunk driving and red light running. Not all of the cars were sports cars. Some cars like the Mercury Topaz which is a slow car were linked to higher numbers of violations.

Denver traffic offenses lawyers also believe that that these cars are linked to higher numbers of violations because the people who drive them tend to be younger, and more inexperienced. For instance, cars with higher-horsepower are much more likely to be operated at higher speeds, but don’t make it on the list of cars with the highest number of violations. That could possibly be because those are more expensive cars, and older and more experienced drivers are likely to drive them. The top 10 cars that were involved in the most number of violations included models like the Volkswagen Rabbit, and Mazda 2. These are cars that are popular among inexperienced drivers.

New Colorado Bicycle Safety Law Requires Minimum Passing Distance

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Traffic offense attorney in DenverA new Colorado law that went into effect recently will require motorists to maintain a minimum of 3 feet passing distance from a bicyclist traveling in the same direction.

The law has been designed to protect bicyclists from the kind of serious accidents and injuries that occur when motorists pass by too close to a bicyclist. Several other states have such laws and Colorado now joins that list. Motorists must maintain adequate passing distance between the side of their vehicle that faces the bicyclist, and the distance must include mirrors and other projections from the bicycle. Violations will be punished.

This is the latest law that is designed to protect Colorado’s bicyclists. There are laws in place also designed to reduce the risk of injuries to bicyclists from negligent motorists. For instance, any motorist who throws any object or substance at a bicyclist can be charged with a class II misdemeanor. Additionally, any motorist who is driving carelessly and too close to a bicyclist, can also be charged with careless driving. This is typically charged as a class II misdemeanor traffic offense. If a motorist is driving negligently and this results in injuries to the bicyclist, it is immediately upgraded to a class I misdemeanor traffic offense.

Many motorists make the mistake of taking traffic offenses very likely. Traffic offenses can be serious, and can result in a suspension or revocation of your license. Traffic offenses, if accumulated, can result in stringent penalties. If your traffic violations have resulted in injury or fatality to another person, you could face very serious charges. Speak to a traffic offense attorney in Denver about your legal options. A person who has at least three or more serious traffic offense convictions over a seven-year period could be looking at losing their license for seven years.

Major traffic offenses require solid defense. If you are facing legal action, which increases your risk of losing your license or any other kind of penalties, speak with a traffic offense attorney in Denver at the earliest.


Harvard Records Highest Number of Ivy League Sexual Assault Rates

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Denver sex crimes defense lawyerAccording to crime stats at Ivy League colleges, Harvard recorded some of the highest rates of sexual assaults that were reported to police last year.

The new data was released in the midst of a nationwide outcry against sex crimes that occur on American college campuses. In 2013 according to the data, the Harvard University Police Department and other law enforcement agencies recorded a total of 40 incidents of reported sexual assault on campus, or near campus. Yale was in second place with a total of 32 forcible sex offenses reported in 2013, followed by UPenn with 21 offenses. Rounding out the top five were Cornell University with four arrests and Princeton University with six offenses.

The statistics also indicate a drop in incidents of robbery, as well as an increase in the number of actions taken for alcohol-related violations. The data was released as per the Cleary Act, which requires that American colleges make public details of all crime on their campuses

The increase in forcible sex crime rates at Harvard seems to be linked to the fact that there was an increase in the number of offenses, recorded in one category, titled “forcible fondling.” These offenses increased from 14 incidents in 2000, to 22 incidents in 2013. However, the number of rapes reported on campus actually fell from 24 in 2012, to 18 during the same period of time. All except five of the forcible incidents were reported on the Harvard campus.

Being arrested for any kind of sexual crime can be a traumatic experience, and it is important to get solid legal defense as quickly as possible, and speak to a Denver sex crimes defense lawyer as soon as you’re charged with a crime. The need for a solid defense is even more important if you are a college student. Students may never have been in any kind of trouble with the law, and may be completely confused and blindsided by the rape allegations, because they believed that the sex was consensual. A conviction can mean not only jail time and penalties, but also registration on a sex offender registry. If you have been charged with these crimes, speak to a Denver sex crimes defense lawyer immediately.

How to Avoid DUI

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Denver DUI defense attorneyThe maximum legally permissible blood-alcohol concentration level in Colorado is .08. To understand how many alcohol beverages you need to consume before you reach that threshold, is challenging. Many persons may feel the relaxed effects of the alcohol, much before their BAC reaches even .04%, while others may reach a threshold of .08%, without really feeling much intoxication.

This is part of the reason why so many DUI arrests occur. Motorists are not able to gauge whether they are intoxicated enough to fail a breathalyzer.

To avoid being arrested for DUI after having had a few alcoholic beverages, understand that alcohol beverages can affect different people in different ways. Whether you get intoxicated after a few alcoholic beverages can depend on a number of factors, including your age, your gender, your weight and other factors.

There are some things that you can do to lower the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Make sure that you eat something before you drink – having food in your stomach slows down the metabolism of alcohol. Foods that are high in protein do a much better job of slowing down the processing of alcohol, leading to a lowered concentration of alcohol in your blood.

Try to lower the strength of the alcoholic drinks that you consume. Stronger alcoholic drinks automatically mean a higher BAC. If you know that you are going to be driving, and that cab services are not an option, make sure that you drink light beverages.

Thinner people are much more likely to be affected by a certain amount of alcohol. Lower percentage of body fat is linked to higher blood alcohol concentrations, compared to higher body fat percentages.

Women are also much more likely to process alcohol slowly. Their bodies contain lower amounts of the dehydrogenase enzyme that is responsible for the breaking down of alcohol molecules. Additionally, a women’s capacity to tolerate alcohol depends on hormone levels, menstrual cycle and so on. Some people also tend to have higher functional tolerance to alcohol, which means that their bodies are less sensitive to the effects of alcohol, and therefore, less likely to show any of the behavioral or biological changes brought about by alcohol. Medication use can also affect alcohol concentration.

Number of Drug Crime Arrests Involving Black Males Increase

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Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in DenverEven as the number of arrests of black males for property crimes has been dropping, data indicates that there has continuously been an increase in the number of drug crime arrests involving black males. According to the data, arrests of black males for violent crimes or property crimes have dropped significantly, but not in the case of drug-related crimes.

In 2011, drug crimes accounted for approximately 40% of all arrests of black males. Further, black males accounted for an additional 31% of all arrests in a category that includes other types of crimes, including drug paraphernalia and possession. In contrast, only 6% of the arrests were for violent crimes, while 40% were related to property crimes.

Drug crimes still continue to contribute to high incarceration rates for African-Americans. The number of African-Americans arrested for drug crimes increased from 23% in 1980 to 41% in 1991. Blacks are approximately 3.6 times more likely to be arrested for selling drugs compared to whites, and 2.5 times more likely to be arrested for possessing drugs.

According to a new report by researchers at Brookings, large-scale incarceration rates involving blacks for drug offenses continues to impact black social mobility trends. Those rates for black males continue to be high, even though drug crimes defense lawyer in Denver find that blacks are not necessarily more likely to deal in drugs, compared to whites. Statistics from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicate that 6 percent of white young adults between the ages 12 and 25 sold drugs, compared to a rate of just 5% for blacks. The rate for blacks reporting drug use is also fairly the same as for white males.

Having a drug crime conviction on your record can have a devastating impact on your ability to attend a good college, your employment potential, and ultimately your ability to move up in life. That’s the reason why so many people who are incarcerated even once, find it difficult to break out of the vicious cycle, and climb the social ladder. If you are charged with a drug offense, speak immediately with a drug crimes defense lawyer in Denver.