Habitual Traffic Offenders in Colorado

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Denver traffic offenses lawyerThe Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles can severely punish a person, who accumulates a number of serious traffic convictions on his record by designated him as a Habitual Traffic Offender. Many persons in Colorado continue to remain unaware of how easy it is for them to be designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

For instance, if you have had your license suspended for minor offenses, and continue to drive even under a suspended license, you could have a sufficient number of license suspensions on your record to be designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Not every traffic violation will make you eligible for Habitual Traffic Offender designation. However, if you have been convicted for DUI, or DWAI, or reckless driving, or driving under a suspended or revoked license, you may find yourself being designated a Habitual Traffic Offender. Persons, who have been involved in accidents, and have been convicted of vehicular assault or homicide, may also find that they qualify for this designation.

Over a period of seven years, if you have accumulated at least three convictions for these violations, you could find yourself designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender. If you are designated a Habitual Traffic Offender, you could actually lose your license for as many as five years.

It’s important to get legal counsel, when you are arrested for a traffic offense. Speak to a Denver traffic offenses lawyer for legal help after a traffic offense.

Experts Call for Sliding Scale Traffic Fines

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Denver traffic offenses attorneyThere are glaring income inequalities in the United States, evidenced by a recent outcry over cop shootings involving lower income and minority communities. According to a number of experts, poorer socio economic groups and minorities like African-Americans or Hispanics are adversely affected when they have to pay penalties for traffic violations.

For many of these offenders, inability to pay fines only results in accumulation of penalties until these people are burdened with hundreds of dollars of debt that they can’t afford. This leads to frustration with the system, resulting in the kind of anger and outcry seen in places where there are severe racial and economic disparities, like Ferguson.

The advocates recommend instead a sliding scale pain system, just as currently exists in some European countries that would penalize offenders for their penalties, depending on their wealth. Therefore, a rich person would end up paying a higher fine for the same kind of offense, compared to a poor person.

According to them, this would help local agencies increase revenues through traffic collections, while also imparting justice. They also believe that this would result in better compliance with traffic rules, especially by the upper classes because this is a section of people for whom a $100 speeding ticket would make absolutely no difference. When you can afford to pay penalties for traffic tickets, you’re less likely to obey traffic rules.

The advocates are basing their model on Finland, where the sliding scale system of fines for traffic offenses may fine a rich businessman several times the penalties that a poor person would have qualified for.

If you are facing legal action after a traffic offense, speak to a Denver traffic offenses attorney.

Do I Need a Traffic Offenses Attorney?

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Denver traffic offenses attorneyMany persons delay getting in touch with a Denver traffic offenses lawyer for what they see as a minor matter, like a speeding ticket. You might believe that being stopped for speeding and being issued a ticket is a fairly acceptable part of driving. However, you must also realize that if you are convicted of certain types of traffic offenses, or have a certain number of traffic offense convictions on your record, it could have a significant impact on your ability to drive legally in Colorado. In other words, you could have your license suspended or even revoked.

It’s important to have legal counsel when you’re cited for a traffic offense. No matter what type of traffic offense you are facing, it’s important to get legal help. Whether you are ticketed for speeding, or arrested for reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, get legal help immediately and discuss your legal options with a Denver traffic offenses attorney.

In Colorado, there are a number of practices that could constitute reckless driving, and put you at risk of being convicted of a traffic offense. For instance, you could be arrested for speeding, reckless driving, driving while ability impaired (DWAI), driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), or driving under a suspended license. All of these are considered serious offenses, especially when it comes to driving while intoxicated and driving under a suspended license. If you are convicted of more than a certain number of offenses over a predetermined time period, you could actually be designated a Habitual Traffic Offender.

If you are looking for legal representation for a traffic offense, speak to a Denver traffic offenses attorney.

Spotlight on Racism at Police Departments Across Country

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Denver criminal defense lawyer

The DOJ is expected to investigate allegations of police misconduct in several cities, many of them connected to racism. In most cases, departments cooperate with these investigations, but when that doesn’t happen, the DOJ files suits against these departments. The DOJ currently has suits pending against law enforcement agencies in Arizona, Alabama and North Carolina.

At the Fort Lauderdale police department, racist text messages and videos were recovered from the phones of four police officers after the fiancée of one of the officers sent disturbing content from his phone to the local police chief. The four officers either resigned or were fired after the emergence of the text messages. Emails that were shared by city officials as well police supervisors in racially charged Ferguson have also been revealed, and indicate a deep- rooted racism among some of the city’s finest. In some of the mails, officers joke about blacks being lazy, unemployed, and predisposed to crime. In Fort Lauderdale, the cases involving the four officers are pending as the department investigates the extent of the racist attitudes.

There are ways that you can report police misconduct if you encounter it during an arrest. In fact, it’s important to file a complaint when you encounter behavior that is racist, sexist or otherwise offensive. If you are arrested for an offense, don’t resist arrest, and don’t fight. Don’t run from the scene, and avoid getting into an argument. Remain calm, remain silent, and ask to speak to a Denver criminal defense lawyer.


Costs of a DUI Conviction

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Denver DUI lawyerThe financial cost of a DUI can be divided into the short term cost as well as the long term cost. If you are convicted, you can expect to pay a number of fees and penalties that include court fees, and lawyers’ fees. Besides, you have to pay for DUI education classes if these are ordered by a court in your case. You will also end up paying several hundreds of dollars to several funds benefiting victims and law enforcement. If you have your license suspended, you will have to pay reinstatement fees.

You can also expect to have to pay higher premiums after you are arrested for a DUI. A DUI conviction will mark you out as a high risk motorist, and that will be reflected in higher premiums.

A DUI can be expensive in more ways than one. You may find that it interferes with your future education prospects. Some colleges are not keen on accepting students with a DUI conviction on their record. You may also find that it interferes with your job. In certain occupations, a DUI conviction is enough reason to fire a person.

The financial consequences of a DUI don’t even include the loss of reputation and censure that you can expect. There is widespread revulsion for drunk driving in society, and you may find that people lose faith in your judgment abilities or your trustworthiness after a DUI.

If you were arrested for DUI, don’t lose time. Talk immediately to a Denver DUI lawyer about a defense. A Denver DUI lawyer will work to get charges against you lowered or dismissed.

Assaulted Teens at High Risk for Gun Violence

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Denver criminal defense lawyerAccording to a new study, teens, who are injured seriously enough in an assault to be rushed to an emergency room are much more likely to feature in gun- related violence soon after the ER visit compared to teens who are not injured in an assault. Among these teens and young adults, 60 percent reported being involved in gun violence over the next two years, and 40 percent were more likely to be the victim or perpetrator in gun violence the second time round. The second round of violence was much more likely to occur within six months of the assault.

According to the study, young people who were treated for assault and had suffered either substance abuse or post-traumatic stress disorder after the assault were much more likely to be involved in gun violence after the assault. Young males and blacks were also much more likely to be involved in firearms- related violence after the assault. In most cases, the second round of violence was linked to a desire for revenge or retaliation after the assault.

If you were arrested for assault, speak to a Denver criminal defense lawyer immediately. Based on the circumstances, you may be charged with various types of crimes, including felony crimes which are some of the most serious crimes. You may be charged with first degree or second degree assault. Talk to a Denver criminal defense lawyer, and get started on your defense. There are steps that you can take soon after an arrest to protect your rights.


DUI Penalties Have Helped Reduce Repeat Offenses

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DUI defense lawyer in DenverPenalties that are currently in place on persons who are driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of a minimum of .08% have helped reduce the risk of repeat offenses. That information comes from a study conducted by economists who analyzed data from between 1999 and 2011 in Washington.

When motorists who were legally impaired were punished, statistics indicated a 70% reduction in the number of repeat offenses. There was also a 9% reduction in those cases, in which the drivers were extremely intoxicated, or had blood-alcohol concentration levels that were higher than .15%.

The researchers believe that the study very clearly points to the advantages of having stringent penalties for persons who are extremely intoxicated, or have a high BAC level such as one that is above .15%. In many states, .15% is taken as the aggravated intoxication threshold.

For me motorists however, the challenge is to find out how many beverages they can safely consume, before they are legally impaired. For example, for a person weighing 120 pounds, it only takes approximately 3 alcoholic beverages to legally cross the .08% blood alcohol concentration limit. Those alcoholic beverages could include 12 fluid ounces of beer, 5 fluid ounces glass of wine or 1.5 fluid ounces short of hard liquor. As you can see, it really doesn’t take that many alcohol beverages to become legally intoxicated.

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, speak to a DUI defense lawyer in Denver. It’s important to work quickly so that you can get charges dismissed or lowered. Discuss your case with a DUI defense lawyer in Denver.

California Sex Offenders May Have Some Restrictions Eased

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DUI defense lawyer in DenverPrison officials in the state of California say that they are looking at easing some of the restrictions that are placed on persons convicted of certain types of sex offenses. The restrictions specifically impact where these persons may live after they are released from prison.

In response to a California Supreme Court ruling that was delivered earlier this month, state officials will be required to go through thousands of sex offender parolees, who are currently out of prison, and determine whether their criminal records involved any crimes linked to child sex crimes.

Those persons, who were convicted of offenses that were linked to child-related sex crimes, will continue to have the current restrictions imposed on them. Under those restrictions, they are prevented from living within approximately half a mile of schools, parks or other places where children gather. Those measures are part of Jessica’s Law which was passed by voters in 2006.

However, persons convicted of other types of sex offenses, may continue to be eligible for the loosened restrictions. For instance, those offenders who were convicted of the rape of an adult, or convicted of statutory rape who show no other inclination towards sex crimes involving children may be eligible for the relaxed restrictions.

California’s decision is based on the huge homelessness problem in the state, mostly affecting persons like sex offenders, who have severe restrictions imposed on them after a conviction.

If you were arrested for a sex crime, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately. There are stringent penalties attached to such crimes. Call a Denver criminal defense attorney to discuss your options for defense.

Breathalyzer Defenses for Your DUI Case

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Denver criminal defense attorneyWhen police officers pull a motorist over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they often administer the breathalyzer test to determine the amount of alcohol in the person’s system. Breathalyzer devices measure the amount of alcohol in the person’s system. In Colorado, police officers use Intoxilyzer 5000EN device to test for alcohol concentration levels.

However, like any other device, breathalyzer test devices can malfunction or otherwise fail. Your Denver DUI defense attorney will go through all documents after a breathalyzer test is conducted, to identify whether any errors occurred during the administration of the test. It takes an experienced attorney to identify whether errors occurred, and to request documents to identify it.

For instance, the device may not have been properly calibrated, resulting in inaccurate results, or results could be unreliable because all the protocols were not followed in the administration of the test. For instance, there may be fluctuating calibration problems, or physical malfunctioning of the device, or other types of malfunction that cause inaccurate readings. Sometimes, inaccurate results could be the result of power fluctuations, or poor maintenance of the device. They could also be the result of the officer’s failure to wait for the minimum observation period before the administration of the test.

In all these cases, the accuracy of the results and the validity of errors would be called into question by a Denver criminal defense attorney. If you were arrested for DUI, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney and discuss your case.

What to Do During a Domestic Violence Arrest

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Denver domestic violence defense attorneyOne minute you’re arguing about something you can’t remember, and the next minute, your wife is on the phone to the police. This is how most incidents of domestic violence that are reported to Denver domestic violence defense attorneys begin.

Make no mistake. When police officers arrive at the scene, they will come with an order, requiring them to arrest you, if they believe that there has been an incident of domestic violence in your home.

Once officers arrive at the scene, remain silent. Don’t make excuses for your behavior. Under Colorado’s mandatory arrest laws, a peace officer responding to your home is ordered to arrest you, if he has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence incident has occurred on the property.

Get in touch with a Denver domestic violence defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer will work on posting bond for you. When you are out of jail, don’t get into contact with your wife. It’s absolutely imperative that you avoid any contact with your wife, even to explain or apologize for your actions. Very often, people end up making this mistake, believing that they can convince their wife to drop charges. Once charges are filed, it is not in your wife’s power to get charges dropped.

If you are ever in a situation where you are facing charges of domestic violence, get in touch with an attorney immediately.