Physical Discipline and Child Abuse Charges in Colorado

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Denver criminal defense attorneyChild abuse charges are very often filed on the flimsiest of bases. There is little evidence in many of these cases, but you could be charged with child abuse in a variety of situations. For instance, if you left your child alone in a car for five minutes when you bought something from a store, or if you were involved in a domestic altercation with your spouse right in front of your child, you could be charged with child abuse.

What makes the situation even more challenging is that social workers, teachers, doctors and other professionals are required to report evidence of child abuse when they see it. For instance, a teacher who sees bruises on the arm of a child may report her concerns that the child is being abused. Often times, these cases are built on very poor foundations. If you have been charged with child abuse, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Using physical discipline in order to discipline your child is legal in Colorado. You can legally spank your child, and under the law, parents are well within their rights, to use reasonable and appropriate force in order to enforce discipline. It’s important for a Denver criminal defense attorney to establish that you were using reasonable and appropriate force, and were not being cruel or negligent to the child.

Who Are the Professionals Who Are Required to Report Child Abuse in Colorado?

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Denver criminal defense attorneyAcross the country, the war on child abuse has mandated certain people to voluntarily report any suspicions of child abuse that they have. Therefore, the following persons are required to report to the police when they suspect that a child is a being subjected to neglect.

  • Doctor or surgeon
  • Teacher
  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Medical examiner
  • Child health Associates
  • Hospital associate or admissions Associates
  • Registered nurse
  • Public or private school employee
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Firefighter
  • Clergy member
  • Dietitian
  • Psychotherapist
  • Family therapist
  • Professional counselors
  • Juvenile parole officers
  • Family investigators

These persons are required under the law to report child when they come across evidence of such neglect. If you are facing charges of child abuse or have been arrested for child abuse, talk immediately to a Denver criminal defense attorney. It is important to identify whether any kind of neglect or abuse occurred at all in the first place. Most of these cases are very often based on flimsy evidence, and the professional who is reporting the crime may not even have a strong reason to believe that the child was being abused.

A Denver criminal defense attorney will go through all of the evidence that has been presented, the facts of the case and other factors to help mount a strong and viable legal defense in your case.

Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

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Denver Criminal Defense AttorneyIt is important to get in touch with an attorney as soon as you have been accused or charged with a sex crime. Do not attempt to deal with these charges on your own. Conviction of a sex crime has tremendous penalties attached, and those penalties can be life-altering.

Under Colorado law, you could be sentenced to lifetime probation for being convicted of certain types of sex offenses. You could be required to undergo sex offender classes and treatment programs for sex crimes during the course of your probation.

One of the most catastrophic consequences of a sex crime conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. You will have to register as a sex offender and all information in this registry, including your name, any aliases and other personal information will be easily accessible to friends, coworkers, neighbors, or any other person who chooses to access the information.

You may have to undergo a prison sentence, and in some cases, you could end up spending all of your natural life in prison.

There is little doubt that sex crime convictions come with some of the most stringent penalties attached. It’s very important to discuss with a Denver criminal defense attorney if there has even been any crime that has occurred in your case. Many times, these accusations are made as a result of misunderstanding, or as part of revenge or retaliation. Talk to a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately.

Tips to Avoid a DUI Arrest

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Denver DUI Defense LawyerThe most sensible thing for you to do to avoid a DUI arrest would be to avoid driving after having a few alcoholic beverages. It’s impossible to predict how exactly how intoxicated you are, even using the personal breathalyzer models that are currently available in the market. Chances are that you might get pulled over by an officer for something completely unrelated to impaired driving, and could find yourself getting arrested as a result.

If you are planning to drink, arrange for alternate ways to get home safely. Make sure that your car is in perfect order. One of the reasons that officers will use to pull you over, is a car that is in less than perfect condition. Make sure that all of your headlights are in perfect working order. Make sure that turn signals are functioning well, and ensure that all of your documentation including driver’s license and car insurance documents is updated.

Look for DUI checkpoints in your area. Social media sites, including Twitter, can be a good source of information about DUI checkpoints, so it can be worth your time to go through your Twitter feed to identify the location of a DUI checkpoint near you.

If a police officer asks you to pull over, do so, and do not resist. Do not do anything threatening, do not appear hostile, and don’t talk too much when the police officer approaches your car.

For more advice about what you can do to avoid a DUI arrest, read the rest of our Denver DUI defense lawyer blog. For help after a DUI arrest, schedule a consultation with a Denver DUI defense lawyer.

President Commutes Sentences of Nonviolent Drug Offenders

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Denver criminal defense attorney46 prisoners, all of who are serving sentences of a minimum of 15 years, have had their sentences commuted through an order by President Barack Obama. In all cases, but one, the convictions involved cocaine-related offenses. While 41 convictions were related to cocaine-related offenses, two were related to cocaine and marijuana-related crimes, and one involved, crimes related to cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

According to the president, these men and women are not hardened criminals, but are serving long sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. According to him, the penalties do not fit the crime. As Denver criminal defense attorneys know all too well, many of these sentences were handed out under the war on drugs, under which lawmakers who wanted to appear tough on crime, enacted sentencing guidelines that were disproportionate to the severity of crimes that were committed.

Not surprisingly, those guidelines mainly affected defendants from a minority background. African-Americans and Hispanic defendants found that they were much more likely to be arrested and convicted for crack cocaine-related offenses, even when those offenses were nonviolent in nature. They were also much more likely to be sentenced to long-term prison sentences.

Many opponents of the federal drug war on drugs have claimed that the war on drugs has been one that has been waged on people of color.

If you were arrested for a drug crime, talk immediately with a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Do Crime Rates Increase in Summer?

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Denver criminal defense attorneyDepartment Of Justice statistics indicate, and Denver criminal defense attorneys also agree, that there is an increase in the rates of certain types of crimes, during the months of June, July and August. For instance, burglary rates are approximately 10.5% higher during the months of summer, than any other times of the year. During summer, people are much more likely to go for long summer walks, leaving their doors open which makes the house a crime magnet.

Apart from burglaries, the rates of certain types of crimes also seem to peak during summer. Rates of household property damage, vandalism, and household larceny also increase during summer.

However, these are not the only types of crimes that increase during the summer months. The hot days of summer also see an increase in the number of serious or violent crimes, including aggravated assault, and even sex crimes, like rape.

Some researchers have tried to probe the reason for this association between summer and higher crime rates. At least one study conducted by criminology experts at Ball State University in Indiana does find an association between increasing temperatures and the spike in crime rates. Besides the fact, the people are much more likely to keep their main doors unlocked, and windows open more frequently during summer, there’s also the fact that summer heat and the accompanying discomfort causes more aggressive behavior.

If you are arrested for a crime, get in touch with a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately.

Lead Exposure in Childhood Linked to Violent Crime

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Denver criminal defense attorneyA new study finds a strong and significant link between lead exposure in childhood, and the risk of committing violent crimes as adults. The researchers monitored a group of children who had grown up in a poor, predominantly African-American neighborhood until the children reached the age of 20. When the young adults were put through MRI machines, and the results of those tests were analyzed, the researchers were shocked to find that the level of impact on the child’s brain was significant even when lead exposure during childhood had been in small amounts. There were changes in the brain that were subtle, but devastating. Even more worrisome, those changes were permanent.

The children had significantly depleted gray matter reserves in those parts of the brain that are responsible for attention, concentration, and impulse control. They were less likely to be able to perform well in school. They were also much more likely to be commit crimes. As teenagers, these children were much more likely to be involved in violent crimes.

Much has already been written about the toxic effects of lead, especially on neurological development, and now it appears that those effects may have much more far-reaching consequences than earlier believed.

Hire A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were arrested for any offense, speak immediately with a Denver criminal defense attorney. Exercise your rights to remain silent, and your right to speak with a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Kill Switches Lead to Drop in Smart Phone Thefts

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Denver criminal defense attorneySome states have passed laws that require smart phones to come with a kill switch option that would allow the smart phone owner to disable the phone remotely, if the phone is stolen. The logic is that thieves will be discouraged from stealing smart phones when they know that the phone is of no value to them because it is disabled.

California recently passed a law that requires all smart phones sold in the state to come with a kill switch. It’s too early to tell how the kill switch law has affected smart phone theft rates in that state, but a study by Consumer Reports suggests that the technology is already having a significant effect on the rates of smart phone theft. In 2013, there were 3.1 million smart phones stolen across the country. By 2014, the number of smart phone thefts had dropped to 2.1 million. That is a significant reduction of 33%.

Theft crimes in Colorado come with a string of penalties attached. These crimes range from petty thefts, to felonies. The penalty can depend on a number of factors, including the value of the amount that was stolen.

Speak To A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were arrested for theft, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney. Penalties can become increasingly stringent if the theft involved the use of a weapon. Discuss your options for a legal defense with a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Emotional Awareness Training Can Help Reduce Juvenile Crimes

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Denver criminal defense attorneyFinding ways to help juvenile offenders reintegrate back into society, and enhance impulse control is essential to reduce crime rates among young offenders. As Denver criminal defense attorneys see, reoffense rates in this population are high. Psychologists from Cardiff University recently found that there was a significant reduction in crime committed by juvenile offenders when they experienced an emotional awareness training program.

The psychologists used an emotional training program that helped build in these young offenders a strong sense of empathy for their victims. As part of the emotional training program, they were required to identify emotional expression on a face, describe what could have caused that emotional expression, and mimic the emotional expression. The idea was to cause them to feel empathy.

The psychologists found that the emotional training program led to a significant reduction in the aggression impulses in these young offenders and resulted in a reduced rate of severe crime. A number of emotions, ranging all the way from happiness, to sadness and anger were included as part of the training program. In all, the participants were exposed to a total of 150 slides of expressions.

Participants in the study also reported that they felt less aggressive, and showed fewer aggressive behaviors two weeks after the emotional training program. The researchers believe that such emotional training and awareness programs could help children develop a much more positive attitude in life, and can help them move towards a future that does not involve crime or violence.

Hire A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were arrested for a juvenile crime, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney about your options.

Expungement of Records in Colorado

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Denver criminal defense attorneyExpungement in Colorado refers to the process of destroying or obliterating records for all legal purposes. That means that your criminal record is completely destroyed, and all information related to it is destroyed. That does not mean that your record disappears. It means however, that the record is no longer accessible for general purposes.

However, in certain situations or in very rare cases, the expunged records can be located and used. This occurs in very rare circumstances however, and usually will involve a legal court order. In certain cases, the records may be available for access to a district attorney, the Department of Human Services, and other interested parties.

Through expungement, you can deem that the juvenile record never existed, and that the conviction ever occurred. To learn if you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Most juvenile crime convictions can be expunged. Adult criminal convictions in Colorado currently cannot be expunged. If you have a criminal record, and are an adult offender, then you may move to have your criminal record sealed. Sealing is an option for you, but not expungement.

Hire A Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney about the process of having your criminal records sealed as an adult. You may be eligible to have your records sealed if you were acquitted of the criminal charges against you, if the case was dismissed, if you were arrested but not charged, or if the conviction involved petty offenses or municipal violations.