Defenses for Domestic Violence

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Denver criminal defense lawyerThere’s no doubt that domestic violence is a serious societal problem. Thousands of persons in Denver and across Colorado are victims of domestic violence. However, the fact is also that many domestic violence complaints are based on fraud or lies. False complaints are far too common to ignore.

When a person is accused of domestic violence, there are serious repercussions for his work, social and personal interactions, and relationships with his community. There is a high level of social disapproval for domestic violence, and if you are currently facing charges of domestic violence, you may find that many people are willing to believe the charges against you. You may find people behaving oddly with you, not just in your social circle, but also at work.

In fact, if you are convicted of domestic violence, it can actually affect your job. Your employer may decide that you’re no longer a good fit for the organization, because of your record. If you work in any kind of position of authority, like a teacher, or one where you have responsibility over other persons, you may even lose your job because of a conviction.

There are however defenses, that you can mount to charges of domestic violence. One of the most widely used of these is self-defense. Your Denver criminal defense lawyer may argue that the injuries that the plaintiff suffered were the result of an altercation in which you tried to defend yourself from his or her attacks. Speak to your Denver criminal defense lawyer if this kind of defense would be appropriate in your case. Your lawyer may also try to downplay the attack as being too minor to warrant legal action.

Discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense lawyer to consider your legal defense options.

Colorado Lawmakers To Toughen Snow Tire Requirements

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Denver traffic offense defense lawyerColorado lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require drivers of all noncommercial vehicles to install snow tires or chains on their vehicles, when they are driving during spring or winter. The proposal is designed to reduce the risk of accidents that occur during winter.

There are economic considerations at play driving this proposal. The proposal seems to have been triggered by the frequent traffic delays that are caused when accidents are caused on Interstate 70. That affects the tourism industry, as skiers and other holidaymakers in the mountain resorts get stuck in traffic because of these accidents.

The proposal in Colorado would require drivers to get their tires equipped with snow tigers and snow chains from November 1 to May 15. Violations of the requirements would result in motorists being fined. The proposal will be debated soon.

Regardless of the weather conditions, motorists would be required to have snow tires installed in their vehicle tires. Under the current law, noncommercial drivers are only required to have these devices on their tires in certain weather conditions. The new law on snow tires would apply to a section of Interstate 70.

If you have a citation for a traffic violation, or have been issued a traffic ticket, call a Denver traffic offense defense lawyer and take immediate legal action to protect your record. These violations and citation can appear on your driving record, and remain there for years. Speak to an experienced Denver traffic offense defense lawyer, and discuss your case.

Montana Lawmakers Kill Indecent Exposure Bill

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Denver criminal defense attorneyIn Montana, a bill introduced recently aimed to expand the definition of indecent exposure to include clothes that reveal the shape of the nipple, buttocks, or genitals. However, the legislative panel that was due to discuss the bill decided against it, after it emerged that the lawmaker who introduced the bill, had some rather strange ideas about offensive clothing.

Representative David Moore introduced House Bill 365, which would have expanded the definition of indecent exposure. However, he admitted that he would have no problem with making it a crime to wear provocative clothing like yoga pants, or beige fitting garments.

The comments seem to have alarmed the legislative panel, which did not even allow discussion on the bill, before deciding to table it.

In Colorado, you can face charges of indecent exposure if you knowingly expose your private parts to the public in a way that is meant to cause affront to the other person or is designed with the intent to arouse sexual desire in any person. Public masturbation can also be included under the definition of indecent exposure. Speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney, and discuss your claim if you are currently facing charges of indecent exposure

Most cases of indecent exposure in Colorado are treated as class I misdemeanors. However, if you have been arrested for indecent exposure before, then you may be at risk of having your charges enhanced. In fact, your charges can even be increased to a class 6 felony, if you have previous convictions for indecent exposure on your record.

Speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney if you are currently facing charges for indecent exposure.

FBI Report: Denver Has High Rates of Sex Crimes

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Denver criminal defense lawyerAn analysis of data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report in 2013 found a total of 514 reported rapes in Denver in January 2013. That indicates that Denver has one of the worst records in the country on sexual violence.

According to the analysis that was conducted by, the city of Denver has a population of less than 650,000 people in 2013, making it the 22nd largest city in the nation. However, according to the sexual crime violence data, it is the fifth worst city in the country for rapes.

The report has more bad news for Colorado residents. It wasn’t just Denver that made it to the list of cities with the highest sex crime rates. Other Colorado cities that made it to the list were Colorado Springs at number 12, Aurora at number 16 and Pueblo at number 20.

However, recording inconsistencies could be the reason why Colorado cities are ranked so high on the list. For instance, New York City has a much higher rape rate then Denver, but does not find a place in the list of top 20 cities for rapes. That’s because New York City has recently begun recording rapes using another definition by the FBI, while Denver and other Colorado cities are using another definition for the same crimes. That has led to higher rates for these cities.

When you’re charged with a sex crime, it can have a devastating impact not just on your criminal record, but also your professional, personal and social lives. Few crimes are considered as repulsive as sexual crimes, especially when they involve sex with a minor. A Denver criminal defense lawyer can begin working immediately to get charges against you dismissed or lowered. If you have been charged with a crime, get in touch with a Denver criminal defense lawyer immediately and discuss your legal options for defense.

Aspen Ski Coach Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault, Incest

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Denver criminal defense lawyerThe man is the father of reality TV star Heidi Montag and was a coach at the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club. Bill Montag was arrested recently on charges of sexual assault and incest. The charges are believed to be related to a number of incidents that were alleged by a woman who is now an adult. According to her allegations, she was the victim of sexual incidents that occurred approximately 15 years ago when she was between the age of 14 and 17.

Montag was hired by the ski club, and began work as a coach in the month of November. According to reports, he has denied all of the charges.

It’s not unusual to have sex crime allegations made years after the incident. In fact, in several cases, victims may decide to file charges years after the alleged incidents have taken place. In this particular case, the statute of limitations seems to have expired for most of the incidents that occurred. Media outlets have reported that there were at least 15 incidents of sexual abuse. However, technically, only the crimes that occurred after July 1, 1996, are eligible for prosecution. The statute of limitations has expired for all of the other allegations. The allegations against Montag were made by one individual.

When you have been accused of any sex crime, it is critical that you have professional, experienced legal guidance. As soon as you are arrested, do not admit to any crimes, and do not panic. Simply ask for your Denver criminal defense lawyer and do not speak to police officers without having your lawyer present. You’re not required to make a confession, and you’re not required to answer questions without the presence of a lawyer. Exercise your right to protect yourself. Get in touch with a Denver criminal defense lawyer immediately, and don’t simply wait and hope that the allegations will blow over.


Bill Calls for Defense Department to Publish Names of Sex Offenders

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Denver criminal defense attorneyA new bill recently introduced in the House would require the US Department Of Defense to publish a database of all military personnel who have been convicted of sex crimes. The bill has been sponsored by Representative Jackie Speier, Democrat-California and Representative Mike Coffman, Republican-Colorado. The lawmakers want to close a legal loophole that allows military service members who have been convicted of sex crimes, to self-report their convictions to law enforcement.

According to the lawmakers, the loophole allows people who have been convicted by court martial in the military to rejoin civilian life without informing anyone of their record. That is in sharp contrast to civilians who are convicted of sex offenses, and automatically get their names registered in sex offender registries. Persons in Colorado, who have been convicted of certain types of sex offenses, are eligible for federal sex offender registration, which make their details accessible to anyone looking for them. One investigation recently found that out of a total of 1,300 military sex offenders, at least 242 sex offenders were not recorded in any registry in the country at all.

Under the bill, the Department Of Defense would be required to create a registry for service members who are convicted of sex crimes including rape, sexual assault and other offenses. The database will be very similar to the one that is maintained by local law enforcement agencies, as well as state agencies across the country. That means communities would immediately know when a person convicted of a sex offense moves into the neighborhood. Military service members are required to immediately register with local law enforcement soon after their convictions, or as soon as they’re released from prison.

Consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested for a sex crime. Prosecutions are usually very stringent in these cases, and will target a conviction. Discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense attorney, and begin the process of building your defense as quickly as possible.

Is The “Super Bowl Equals Domestic Violence” Tale Myth or Fact?

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Denver criminal defense attorneysThere have been several studies that have probed whether there is an increase in domestic violence on Super Bowl Sunday. In fact, a number of recent events, including one involving NFL athlete Ray Rice and his wife in an elevator, have done nothing to dispel the link between football and domestic violence. The general belief is that football seems to trigger the worst instincts in male spectators, and in a marriage that already involves domestic violence, that simply translates into trouble.

Some journalists have studied the matter, and believe that there is no conclusive evidence to indicate, that Super Bowl Sunday is linked to higher rates of domestic violence. They believe it is a myth, and one that resurfaces every year around the Super Bowl already.

However, researchers continue to probe this topic, and most of the studies are released appropriately just in time for the Super Bowl Sunday. Recently, one paper that was released in the Journal of Family Psychology, focused on domestic violence, involving members of the US Armed Forces. The researchers focused on close to 25,000 such incidents of domestic violence, and found that domestic violence rates were at their highest on weekends. But that shouldn’t really surprise Denver criminal defense attorneys because weekends are when couples spend time together. Couples also tend to spend time together on holidays, and that includes Super Bowl Sunday. In other words, every time you have a holiday whether there is close family contact and alcohol consumption, there is likely to be a higher likelihood of domestic violence.

In fact, studies have indicated higher domestic violence rates on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve holidays as well. These are typically holidays that see a higher consumption of alcohol.

Often, domestic violence involves alcohol use and abuse, but that doesn’t mean that alcohol use can be used as a defense in your case. if you are facing charges of domestic violence, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney.

Super Bowl DUI Facts

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Denver DUI LawyerSuper Bowl Sunday combines football, and alcohol, which means that motorists driving home after the game are at a high risk of being pulled over by officers, and being subjected to an alcohol test.

Every year, federal authorities take DUI risks over Super Bowl Sunday very seriously. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in fact undertakes a designated driver campaign every year before the big game. The campaign encourages people, who are driving back home after watching the game and may not be in a position to drive, to hand over the wheel to someone else instead.

Look into designated driver services in the Denver area. These are for-profit designated driver services, and the services that they offer are typically based two methods. In the first, the driver will arrive at your venue in a scooter, which is designed to be and foldable into a bag. After driving you back home in your car, he will simply drive back on his scooter. In the other method, the designated driver will arrive with another team member in his own car, and after driving you home, will drive back in the other car.

However, the incidence of drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday is not the highest in the year. Denver DUI lawyer find that other holidays also see much higher levels of driving involving high alcohol concentrations. For instance, the December to March season has the highest number of days when motorists are arrested for an average blood-alcohol concentration of about .06%. That is a legally permissible level, but Denver DUI lawyers find that it is the level at which some impairments begin to kick in. Valentine’s Day also sees high DUI rates.

Apart from Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July also see heavy alcohol consumption, and therefore greater rates of DUI.

Rolling Stone Backtracks from “Jackie” Rape Story

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Denver criminal defense attorneyA recent story published in Rolling Stone magazine garnered nationwide attention. It focused on the alleged campus rape of a young college student called Jackie, and allegedly perpetrated by seven male students at the University Of Virginia.

Campus assault, or campus rape, is a hot button topic these days, and Denver criminal defense attorneys find that any stories that are related to sex crimes on campus are covered extensively in the media. Jackie’s story was no different. It went viral quickly, and the University Of Virginia decided to take action immediately. It moved to crack down on drinking on campus, and focused especially on male frat parties.

However, Rolling Stone has now backtracked from the story, and has claimed in an update to the article that it has found several inaccuracies with Jackie’s story. In the Rolling Stone exposé, the student allegedly went on a date with a young man, and was raped by him and his friends. She confided details of the rape to two friends. However, the details that she recounted in the Rolling Stone exposé seem to differ heavily from the details that her friends remember. In the Rolling Stone story, for example, she describes standing in a bloodied, tattered dress after the rape, watching her friends argue about whether to go to the authorities about her rape. Her friends now say that such a conversation never took place.

There are several other such inaccuracies in a story, which has become increasingly bizarre. It’s quite likely that the man she claimed that she dated, and who she says raped her along with seven men, did not even exist.

The University Of Virginia found itself under tremendous of pressure when the story first broke, and was criticized for its supposedly cold attitude towards the incident. Unfortunately, false allegations of rape are much more common than people like to believe. Often, these allegations emerge when a couple engages in consensual sex under the influence of alcohol, and the woman undergoes a change of heart the next morning. In other cases, these allegations are the result of a relationship gone sour.

If you have been accused of rape, get in touch with a Denver criminal defense attorney immediately. These are serious crimes, and an attorney will be able to begin investigations to build a defense for you.

NHTSA App Connects Drunk Drivers with Taxi Services

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Denver DUI defense attorneysThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced the release of a new app that aims to connect drunk partiers, with taxi services that can give them a safe ride home.

The announcement was made to coincide with the annual holiday drunk driving crackdown initiative by the federal administration. The campaign titled Drive Sober or Get Pulled over, has operated over the holiday season for many years now, and aims to pull intoxicated motorists off the road.

Denver DUI defense attorneys find themselves exceedingly busy during the last days of the year, when more motorists are likely to be pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. This year, the NHTSA wants people who are too intoxicated to drive to be responsible, and avoid getting behind the wheel. They can instead download an app that is available for download on Android and Apple devices. The app called SaferRide allows persons to call a taxi service from a list of providers. It also allows persons to call a friend to pick them up and take them home.

The app is specifically designed for those motorists, who are so intoxicated they are not even able to identify their location, or provide their friend or taxi service information about their location. The app will allow you to refer to a map, or will provide details of your location to the taxi or your friend, so they can pick you up easily.

This holiday season, be a smart and responsible driver. Avoid drinking and driving, even if you have had just a couple of alcoholic beverages. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you will not be pulled over for DUI, just because you are on a short journey. Some of the cases that Denver DUI defense attorneys come across involve persons who were arrested less than a mile from their homes.

Eat a good meal, if you know that you’re going to have a few drinks and drive home. This is not a foolproof way to avoid driving under the influx of alcohol, because alcohol affects different people in different ways. However, for some people, eating a good meal does slow the down the absorption of alcohol into the system.