Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License

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Denver driving under suspension lawyerIn Denver, you can have your license suspended if you’re convicted of a DUI-related offense. However, if you decide to operate the vehicle while under a suspended license, the penalties are very stringent. These charges are called Driving under Restraint or Driving under Suspension. These charges are typically filed as misdemeanors, but convictions can result in severe penalties.

If you are convicted, it could mean a mandatory five days term in jail and a $50 fine. However, a judge has the discretion to impose additional jail time on you. That means you could spend up to six months in jail. A judge could also penalize you with fines of up to $500.If your license suspension was related to a DUI-related offense, then your penalties become even more stringent. You could be sentenced up to one year in jail, and fined up to $500.

Charges of driving under restraint or driving under suspension are extremely serious that can severely impact your ability to operate a motor vehicle again. With a suspended or revoked license, you’re much less likely to be able to travel to school or to work which means that there are severe financial consequences for you as well.

If you are arrested for driving under suspension, or driving under restraint, speak to a Denver driving under suspension lawyer about your options for legal defense. One of the most serious penalties for you is a possibly five-year license revocation, which can have serious consequences for you. Speak to a Denver driving under suspension lawyer and discuss your case.

DUI Risks Increase When You’re Drinking with Friends

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DUI lawyer in DenverAccording to the results of a study, young adults, who drink with a large group of friends, are much more likely to drink heavily, and consume more number of alcohol beverages, compared to those who are drinking with fewer numbers of friends. In fact, the higher the number of friends that you’re drinking with, the greater the number of alcoholic beverages you are likely to consume.

That automatically translates into a high risk of intoxication. For instance, if you are in a situation like this you are likely more likely to arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI, or DWAI or driving while alcohol impaired.

The researchers recruited 200 young adults in the study. The participants reported how many drinks they were consuming via phone, and how many of their friends were drinking. The researchers found that when there was an increase in the number of friends, the number of alcoholic beverages consumed per person also increased over one hour.

As a young adult arrested for DUI, you have much more to lose. A DUI conviction on your record can mean that you are unable to get into a college of your choice. It can also mean problems finding a good job later finding a job. Years after your arrest and conviction, you may find that the conviction continues to show up on your records. To avoid a conviction, talk to a DUI lawyer in Denver. Discuss your case with a DUI lawyer in Denver.

Americans Accused of Vandalism in Colosseum Case

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Denver criminal defense attorneyRoman tourist officials were not amused at the behavior of two American tourists recently. The two were accused of vandalizing the historic Colosseum in the city. The two Californians, who have not been identified, apparently carved their initials into the stone at the monument. Unfortunately for them, their behavior was captured on camera by Italian media, and they were cited. Police cited them for causing aggravated damage to the historical monument.

The two women were not arrested, and it is not yet clear, whether they have been penalized. The women say that they regret their decision but do not believe that what they started would turn into something so serious.

However, this is not the first time that the Colosseum has been vandalized. In fact, this year alone, at least five persons have been stopped by police officers at the monument, for scrawling on walls. At least some of those were minors who were not fined because of their young age.

Vandalism often involves young offenders, who may believe that what they’re doing is just a joke, and therefore not serious. However, you may be charged under Colorado property damage laws, if you are arrested for vandalism. The penalties may depend on the value of the damage that you caused. For instance, if the damage was less than $500, then you will be charged with a misdemeanor, and may be sentenced to between three months to one year in jail. However, if the value was more than $20,000, then you could be sentenced to as many as 12 years in prison.

If you are arrested for vandalism, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney. Some of these crimes can actually be charged as felonies. Discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense attorney.


Students Ask for Seat on Panels to Judge Sexual Assault Cases

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Denver criminal defense attorneysStudent body presidents from several universities across the country including Yale and Brown are calling for the right to sit on panels that would decide sexual assault case on campus. The Department Of Education has made it clear that it discourages students from having a voice in such procedures. In fact, it has recommended that students not have a say in the process, but students are insisting that they should have place on the panel, because everyone gets to have a voice in these cases.

According to the students groups, it is only fair that students also have a voice in deciding rape cases on campus because they have a more modern perspective on relationships and assault, and gender relations on campus that faculty members at the facility may not have.

Students are not banned from sitting on panels, but last year, the Department Of Education specifically issued a memo that discourages schools from providing a seat on panels for students. Several schools now have rules that explicitly forbid students from having a seat on the panel.

It’s hard for Denver criminal defense attorneys to understand why students are not being given the opportunity to serve on a panel, when it is their peers being judged for possible crimes. The circumstances in which these crimes occur are very often vague and involve the use of drugs and alcohol.

Charges of sexual assault are very serious, and penalties can be stringent. If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault or any sex crime, speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney about illegal audience.

Colorado Ignition Interlock Laws

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Denver DUI Defense LawyerColorado now has stringent penalties for persons under a separate category, called Persistent Drunk Drivers. This category includes repeat drunk drivers who have more than one DUI conviction on their part.

Apart from repeat offenders, the category also includes motorists who were driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in their blood. For instance, drivers who were arrested with a blood-alcohol concentration of more than .149 at the time of the arrest, or motorists who continue to drive even after they have received a driver’s license suspension for a DUI offense in the past, are all eligible to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles.

Additionally, if you refuse to undergo an alcohol test, you may also be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Speak to a Denver DUI defense lawyer if you are arrested for DUI.

An ignition interlock device is installed on your vehicle, after you have been convicted of certain types of DUI offenses. You will have to bear the expense of the installation and the maintenance of the device. The device will measure your the alcohol content in your system when you attempt to start the car, and shut the ignition down, if it finds that the alcohol in your system is beyond a certain predetermined limit. Certain types of devices will also continue to continually monitor your alcohol level to ensure that you’re not drinking and operating the vehicle.

It is illegal to attempt to tamper with an ignition interlock device, or to attempt to circumvent the technology anyway. A violation could result in a license revocation. If you are arrested for DUI, speak to a Denver DUI defense attorney about your legal options.

How Do I Get My Records Sealed/Expunged?

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Denver criminal defense attorneyColorado law provides for record sealing and record expungement for persons who want to conceal or hide their criminal record. A criminal conviction on your record can hinder your chances for employment because many employers will conduct a criminal screening check before hiring.

In Colorado, the process of record sealing refers to the sealing of the record, so that it is accessible only to certain parties. For instance, certain criminal justice agencies may wish to access your records in order to clarify that the record existed. Record sealing is available for certain types of crimes. Speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney about whether your criminal record is eligible for record sealing.

Note that certain types of cases are not eligible for sealing. For example, a conviction for DUI or DWA I in Colorado is not eligible for sealing. You also cannot seal a felony criminal record. Many misdemeanors, petty offenses, and certain types of misdemeanor drug crimes can be sealed.

Record expungement, on the other hand, is completely erasing of the criminal record. In Colorado when the record is expunged, it is destroyed. Speak to a Denver criminal defense attorney about how you can go about expunging your criminal record. Only certain categories of persons may be eligible for the record expungement. For example, cases involving juvenile offenses may be eligible for expungement. Even cases that have been dismissed can be expunged.

Each case for record sealing or expungement is decided on a case-by-case basis. It’s therefore important to consult with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney and get professional legal guidance before you begin the process of applying for a sealing or expungement.


Can a Domestic Violence Conviction Cost You Your Job?

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Denver Domestic Violence Defense LawyerA criminal conviction for domestic violence could immediately be entered on a criminal record. That means that it is immediately accessible to potential employers who may be considering you for a position at their firm. A criminal background check could easily reveal a conviction, and employers these days liberally use background checks and criminal screening checks in order to look for criminal records of potential applicants. No one wants to hire a person who has a conviction of physical abuse or physical violence working in his company.

Employers are very wary about having persons who have violent tendencies working for them because of the risk to other employees at the company. Besides, employers are likely to believe that a violent employee with a criminal record is much more likely to be involved in a violent altercation not just at work with employees, but also with customers, vendors, suppliers and other business-related interests.

This is not a risk that many employees wish to take. Not surprisingly, if your criminal conviction for domestic violence comes up on a background screening check, then it is highly likely that you will not get that job that you apply for. If you are convicted of domestic violence, and in a position that places you in a position of authority, you may find that you lose your job because of a conviction. For instance, a teacher or a public health official may find that their employment prospects are threatened by the domestic violence conviction.

It’s important to seek experienced counsel from a Denver domestic violence defense lawyer when you are arrested for domestic violence. Discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense lawyer, and discuss all of your options for a legal defense that can lead to charges being either dismissed or lowered.

DUI Programs in Colorado

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Denver DUI defense lawyerUnder Colorado law, you may have your mandated jail term for a DUI offense waived if you agree to undergo a DUI treatment program or an alcohol education program. For certain types of offenses, like those that involve highly concentrations of blood-alcohol or multiple DUI offenses, the requirement is approximately 24 hours of DUI education classes. The program can also include group therapy sessions and counseling.

If you have been ordered to undergo DUI classes, you must use a program that is approved. Non-licensed providers, groups or classes provided by non-licensed providers are not acceptable. Besides, you must attend classes in person. There are online DUI classes that are available, but these are not acceptable either.

In a DUI education program or DUI class, participants are taught the consequences of destructive alcohol behavior and other aspects of alcohol use. These classes teach a person about the dangers of alcohol use, so that you can avoid repeat offenses.

If you are arrested for DUI, speak with a Denver DUI defense lawyer immediately. What you say and do in the few hours after the arrest can have a significant influence on your conviction and even your sentencing. Speak to a Denver DUI defense lawyer immediately and say as little as possible. Do not admit to drinking any amount of alcohol before driving.

Choosing the right Denver DUI defense lawyer is critical to your case. The right lawyer can work with you to mount a legal defense that is targeted at getting charges against you dismissed or lowered.

Violent Crime Risks Increase with Depression

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Denver criminal defense attorneyThe results of a new study conducted by researchers in Sweden finds that persons who suffer from depression are much more likely to commit violent crimes, than persons who do not suffer from depression. In spite of that fact, you don’t see a lot of attention being paid to the high risks of committing a violent crime. Rather, doctors continue to focus on the risk of self-harm or suicidal tendencies among people who suffer from depression.

Researchers in Sweden analyzed data involving more than 37,000 people who were diagnosed with depression. These people were monitored over a period of three years, and were compared to people who did not suffer from symptoms of depression.

Researchers found that the persons who suffered from depression were as much as six times more likely compared to the group that did not suffer from depression to commit a violent crime that hurt others or themselves. The researchers also found that although the concerns about suicide were high in the group with depression, there was also an equally high risk of committing violent crimes. However, the risk of violent crimes is not spotlighted as much.

For purposes of the study, the researchers defined a violent crime as any crime that involves a murder or attempted murder, illegal drugs, robbery, aggravated or common assault, sexual offenses and others.

No matter what type of crime you are charged with, it is important to get help from an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney immediately. Speak with a Denver criminal defense attorney, and discuss your options for legal defense.

Defenses for Domestic Violence

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Denver criminal defense lawyerThere’s no doubt that domestic violence is a serious societal problem. Thousands of persons in Denver and across Colorado are victims of domestic violence. However, the fact is also that many domestic violence complaints are based on fraud or lies. False complaints are far too common to ignore.

When a person is accused of domestic violence, there are serious repercussions for his work, social and personal interactions, and relationships with his community. There is a high level of social disapproval for domestic violence, and if you are currently facing charges of domestic violence, you may find that many people are willing to believe the charges against you. You may find people behaving oddly with you, not just in your social circle, but also at work.

In fact, if you are convicted of domestic violence, it can actually affect your job. Your employer may decide that you’re no longer a good fit for the organization, because of your record. If you work in any kind of position of authority, like a teacher, or one where you have responsibility over other persons, you may even lose your job because of a conviction.

There are however defenses, that you can mount to charges of domestic violence. One of the most widely used of these is self-defense. Your Denver criminal defense lawyer may argue that the injuries that the plaintiff suffered were the result of an altercation in which you tried to defend yourself from his or her attacks. Speak to your Denver criminal defense lawyer if this kind of defense would be appropriate in your case. Your lawyer may also try to downplay the attack as being too minor to warrant legal action.

Discuss your case with a Denver criminal defense lawyer to consider your legal defense options.